Avery Dixon – Entrées

Young Avery Dixon, a saxophone extraordinaire, was born weighing only 1 lb 8 oz and was not expected to live. He has a condition which causes his voice to be pitchy at times and airy because his vocal cords do not close completely. Despite this, along with asthma and other medical complications, he is beating all odds by playing the saxophone. By the grace of God, he is excelling and has had many opportunities to play for various programs.

Avery has been playing since 2009, and he has made significant strides as an upcoming artist. Now he is using those powerful lungs to serenade with an impressive talent comparable to artists twice his age. He received a letter from President Barack Obama, congratulating him on his accomplishments and encouraging him to continue to work hard for his community. Avery received the 2018 Musician of the year award from the Tommie Smith Youth Initiative. Endorsed by Colgate-Palmolive – Ian Cook Chairman, President, and CEO, Eugene Kelly VP – Global Diversity & Inclusion and Jennifer Perue – Global Human Resources, flew Avery to New York and presented him with a Yamaha 62 Tenor Saxophone for being a young achiever.

Avery’s Great Grandfather Maxwell Davis is his biggest inspiration. He was an American R&B saxophonist, arranger, record producer and “Father of the West Coast R&B.” Maxwell worked with BB King, Etta James, ZZ Hill, and many others. Avery is a miracle who is literally walking in the legacy of his Great Grandfather Maxwell Davis. Avery feels that every time he plays, he is telling a story and painting a musical picture. Not only is it fun to play but it is also soothing to the ear.

His debut album Entrées is on sale at CDBaby.

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