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Neil Rosengarden – Sixteen Tunes and What Do You Get

rosengarden2Neil Rosengarden is a multi-instrumentalist and has been producing for major labels since the age of 19. He was hired by Jerry Wexler in 1971 to be Arif Mardins’ assistant at Atlantic Records, where he got to work with many of the greats including the Queen herself, Aretha Franklin.

Sixteen Tunes and What Do You Get – is his Instrumental “Jazz” album from 2000. It features Neil on Trumpet, Flugelhorn, French Horn, Hammond Organ, Guitar, Electric Bass, Percussion, and Synthesizer; Jim Hoke on Tenor Sax, Baritone Sax, and Clarinet; Billy Huber on Trombone, and a rhythm section consisting of: David Hungate on Guitar; Robert Kogel on Guitar on a couple of tracks; Kevin Madill on Synthesizer, and Hammond Organ; John Vogt on Upright Bass and Electric Bass; and Walter Hartman on Drums. Glen Caruba played Percussion. Jeff Lisenby played Accordion. Neil rehearsed and recorded nineteen tracks in two days, then he overdubbed on it until it was done. The ensemble was tracked on 1 inch tape by Jim Prendergast.

This wonderful album is just arrived at CDBaby.