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Dave Sharp’s Secret 7 – Worlds

There is world music, and there is jazz. When the two collide, you get Worlds (Vortex jazz Recordings, 2013) by Dave Sharp’s Secret 7.

Recognized in the JazzTimes 2010 Critic’s Poll, Dave Sharp’s Secret 7 blends rhythms, sounds, textures and musicians from around the world. Sharp mostly plays electric and fretless bass. On selected tracks, he plays acoustic guitar, Hammond B3 organ, acoustic guitar, upright bass or ride cymbal. A variable lineup assists him on the different tracks. No two songs have the same lineup.

“Sherehe,” which is Swahili for celebration, opens the set. It’s a happy, playful tune which features Andre Frappier on lead guitar, Walter White on trumpet and Chris Kaercher on saxophones. The saxes and percussion carry the mood most of the way, with Kaercher contributing a baritone sax solo.

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