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Chris Geith – Chasing Rainbows

Keyboardist Chris Geith is known for his sales success on the internet platform His recent albums Timeless World (2007) and Island Of A Thousand Dreams (2010) were also chart toppers. His collaboration with David Wells No Side Effects (2013) was often played on radio stations around the USA.

His newest album Chasing Rainbows (2014) is currently available as download only, but Chris has promised to manufacture some CDs for his next show. The first track Andromeda shines with elegant piano performance. Atmospheric force receives the piece through sustainable re-verb effects. Comparable is this with Brian Culbertson’s newest effort Another Long Night Out.

However, Chris’ music tends more to the New Age field. Green Shadow wide spreads romantic advances. Absolute Magnitude takes the style sheet of the first piece again. Chasing Rainbows has nothing to do with Ray Wilson’s album. It is knit more for the Weather Channel, where Chris found already considerable appeal.

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