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Down To The Bone – Dig It

Down To The Bone is a project by producer and writer Stuart Wade. The project is named after the former London jazz club “To The Bone”. Although Stuart is the mastermind of the project, he never performed an instrument on the recordings or the live events. Nevertheless his ideas are so flashing, that the project has a tremendous success especially in the States.

All started with the first album From Manhattan To Staten in 1996 on the UK label Internal Bass Records. The Urban Grooves (1999) and Spread The Word (2000) followed on this label. Crazy Vibes and Things (2002) was released on GRP, Cellar Funk (2004), Spread Love Like Wildfire (2005), and Supercharged (2007) on Narada, Future Boogie (2009) on Shanachie, The Main Ingredients (2011) and Dig It (2014) on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records, the UK-version on Dôme Records.

Three groups of musicians are involved in the project, the Live UK Band, the Live US Band and the recording musicians. The latter are Katie Leone (vocals), Julian Crampton (bass), Rufus Philpot (bass), Mark Jaimes (guitar), Davide Giovannini (drums), Joe “Bongo” Becket (percussion chores), Neil Angilley and Oli Silk (keys), Tim Smart (trombone), Pablo Mendelssohn (trumpet), and Simon Allen (sax). All following the ideas and guidance of Stuart Wade.

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