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Offiong Bassey – Offiong Bassey

Her first name means “God’s moon.” Nigerian-American singer Offiong Bassey scores with her self-titled debut, Offiong Bassey (Moonlight Media Group, 2013). The set blends Afro-Peruvian, Nigerian Ekombi, R&B, jazz, gospel, funk, soul and hip-hop.

Bassey performs lead and backing vocals on all tracks. Other players are Blethy Emmanuel Tiegnon: keyboards, Fender Rhodes, drum programming and auxiliary instruments throughout, plus bass guitar on four tracks, claps on two and backing vocals on “Conclusion”; Bassey’s brother, Eniang Bassey: percussion on “Owo Iba Me Ita”; Cornell Coley: percussion on several tracks; Victor Dogah: percussion on “Legitimate Child”; Remy Foussard: guitar on three songs; Derek Friesen: trumpet on two songs; Alexander Jerry: bass guitar on two tracks; Erik Kramer: bass guitar on two tracks; Hilary Noble: flute on three tracks, tenor sax on “Conclusion”; Robert John O’Block: guitar on two tracks; Dokun Oke: guitar on “Efik Praise Medley”; William Raymond: guitar on two songs; Nija Tiegnon: backing vocals on “Wild Oats”; and Vessel: rap on “Mistaking Chivalry for Chauvanism.”

“Legitimate Child” represents a strong African influence in the rhythm. Bassey sings, “You are a legitimate child,” as she tells the story of a young person in a harsh environment, unfairly judged by others. Her vocal power offers encouragement to the child characterized by others as murderous or otherwise unworthy of love and respect.

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