Vahagn Stepanyan – Moonlight

image description Vahagn Stepanyan (born July 10, 1985) is a gifted Armenian-born keyboardist, songwriter, composer, arranger and producer. His musical journey started at the early age of eight when he enrolled into a music school for classical piano lessons. Vahagn’s quest carried him from Yerevan Tchaikovsky High School, a special school for music, on to Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory where he earned a bachelor’s degree in classical music. Immediately following his graduation from conservatory, Vahagn began scoring music arrangements for film soundtracks. Vahagn’s musical passions and endeavors gave him the experience he needed to compose music and write songs for famous artists at an early age.

In 2010, Vahagn produced a Christmas project entitled “Peace On Earth” with American-born recording artist/singer, Eric Lige. In 2011, Vahagn collaborated with Grammy-Nominated artist Carolyn Malachi where he performed on the hit single “Beautiful Dreamer”. In 2014, Vahagn produced The Ethnos Project: Volume One. This project featured various artists & musicians from around the globe. The project was featured and reviewed in July/August by the prominent American publication, Worship Leader Magazine. In 2015, Vahagn debuted his project, Moonlight. It infuses the musical styles of Smooth Jazz, R&B and Funk with the talents of artists from USA, Brazil, Armenia, Thailand, Israel, Turkey, Slovenia and Germany. “Moonlight” was musically produced by Vahagn in his home country of Armenia and mixed in the neighboring country of Turkey by one of Istanbul’s top mixing engineers, Alen Konakoğlu. Grammy-Winning mastering engineer Evren Göknar at Capitol Studio’s Hollywood CA mastered Moonlight, making this recording a global top music project indeed. This album is available at Amazon.

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