Maysa – Blue Velvet Soul

The outstanding singer Maysa writes music history since many years. Famous as lead-vocalist of the British Jazz-Funk band Incognito she constantly continues her own projects.

For collectors of her music her discography: Maysa (1995), All My Life (2000), Out Of The Blue (2002), Smooth Sailing (2004), Sweet Classic Soul (2006), Feel The Fire (2007), Metamorphosis (2008), A Woman in Love (2010), Motions Of Love (2011) and this year Blue Velvet Soul.

This album is stylistically a change compared to her previous records. Maysa explains: “Well, this record is not jazz-influenced at all. I do a little bit of scatting here and there. Most of my records have had a jazz influence. But I find myself leaning more towards R&B music right now and doing it the old school way. R&B, soul music and funk music is in my spirit, it’s in my soul, in my DNA.”

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