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Xavier Scott – My Perfect Imperfections

My Perfect ImperfectionsGrowing up in Decatur,Ga. Xavier Scott knew at an early age the he wanted to be an entertainer. From the classroom, churches, clubs, restaurants, festivals and anywhere in-between, Xavier loves to give the people what they want, and that’s “pure excitement. ” This album reflects Xavier’s journey in life from his early beginnings to the present. Tracks like ” The Candy Lady” and “Freaks Like Us” will have you shaking what your mama gave you, and anything else you can think of. His tune ” We Just Do It ” has a Dirty South meets South America touch.

From the head bobbing ” Mr. Library Man ” and the title track “My Perfect Imperfections ” this CD delivers big time. ‘It Just Might Work’ is one of those tunes that sets the tone for the rest of the album. Xavier’s song ‘But Tonight I Need You” will jump start your musical libido moving. ( if it hasn’t already gotten going from all the other tracks) ” I’m Not Old “, “I’m Kinda Busy Right Now “, “Did She Ask About Me”, “Get Down Tonight ‘, and “Nice To Meet You” are all fun, yet carefully composed tunes that will suck you in and hold you until the last notes are played. “Last Time We Met We.. ” is a laid back and chill-out for a bit until the next tune gets you back into the ” I Feel So Good Mode.” If you want you to take a trip back to when music made you smile, just grab a seat and let Xavier do the rest! Enjoy the album at CDBaby!

Xavier Scott – A Different View

It started in Decatur, with a four track recorder and a mic. Xay as he is known began creating hard beats with smooth grooves. He is an instrumentalist that plays hard and unusual beats behind his saxophone. He has a mixture of ‘Dirty South meets Jazz with a Neo-Soul Groove. The music is not quite jazz but not Hip-Hop. This is the kind of music that makes you go “Shoot Yeah!”

It feels almost futuristic but old school and nostalgic. This style of music is difficult to put into words, but it is easy on the ears and yet hard enough to bump it in your ride or wherever you are. This music is kind that keeps you out of trouble or gets you into it! With that said, Welcome to Planet X! Enjoy your stay!

A Different View now at CDBaby.