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Oli Silk – Where I Left Off

It’s a long way to make a name for itself, when you are a keyboardist from UK. Oli Silk has made the impossible possible and achieved a great reputation as one of the hottest acts in USA.

Although an integral member of the band in Pizza Express, London, he often takes the transatlantic leap to be visible at numerous events in the States.

He has come forward in the smooth jazz scene and the supporting musicians on his new album Where I Left Off (2016) are reading like a Who-is-Who of this genre. Rick Braun, Ryan Jacob (trumpet), Omari Williams, Oscar Seaton Jr., Gordon Cambell and Andrew Small (drums), Dwayne ‘Smitty’ Smith, Orefo Orakwue (bass), Mark Jaimes, Peter White and Nick Colionne (guitar), Joe Becket, Karl Vanden Bossche (percussion), Steve Cole (sax), Athea Rene (flute) and Katie Leone (vocals) are on the guest list.

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