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Ronnie Laws – Voices in the Water

YouTube, Google, MySpace. Enter “Ronnie Laws” in any search engine, and you’ll find worldwide die-hard admirers of his unique and compelling musical voice. They describe his work as outstanding, timeless, funky, bad-ass, high-quality, and real music to make you MOVE! People continue to sample his grooves, and admire his style. For more than 35 years, this musical legend has used his saxophone and his voice to satisfy his audience.

Ronnie’s most recent album, Voices in the Water, is his 26th solo release. It blends R&B with Jazz Fusion, and a surprising drop of rock and blues. This new album follows the success of his albums Dream a Little in 2000 (which yielded the Urban Adult and Smooth Jazz smash hit, Old Days/Old Ways, an Everlasting in 2004.

Voices in the Water is co-produced by Laws and veteran producer John Barnes (producer for Michael Jackson, Herb Alpert, and Betty Wright). The project, which was finalized and fine-tuned at Long Beach’s Century 22 Productions, is full of texture and imagination. An impressive list of musicians and vocalists add their own flavors to the album: Vocalists Louis Price, Martinette Jenkins, Joey Diggs and Bridgette Bryant, guitarists Rob Bacon and Freddie Fox, organist Tim Carmon, bassists Sekou Bunche and Alex Al, and legendary drummer James Gadson.

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