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Unwrapped Vol. 7 – Back 2 Basics

Innovative the concept, adventurous the music. Hidden Beach Recordings presents this year Unwrapped Volume 7 – Back 2 Basics featuring acclaimed producer and songwriter J.R. Hutson! He worked in the past with Zhane, Wayman Tisdale and Boyz II Men. Hutson’s production company is called Lifeline Entertainment. Hutson explains: “I really feel like there are a few musicians who have been able to tap into the lifeline, like they’ve been able to zone out and give us music that no one else has been able to give us.”

Hudson is no unknown for Hidden Beach Recordings. The son of an R&B legend father and opera singer mother collaborated with Jill Scott on her album The Real Thing (2007). This album is so popular, that it received amazing 277(!) reviews at Jill described her work with J.R as like a disease. Hearing his music was very infectious and made the recording absolutely comfortable.

J.R. had also the opportunity to work with Mike Phillips. He produced and recorded on his album Uncommon Denominator (2005) the title and several other songs. And I tell you no secret, that he works again with Mike on his upcoming album MP3. Hutson also produced the bulk of the fourth installment of the label’s highly successful Hidden Beach Presents: Unwrapped series, spinning out alternative instrumental versions of hip-hop classics like 21 Questions and Lean Back. If you want to know more about this producer, read this interview or visit his MySpace site.

The album isn’t yet pressed, so here some more advanced information. Executive producer of the album is beside J.R. Hutson the owner of Hidden Beach Recordings Steve McKeever, who also wrote the liner notes. Co-executive producers are Mike Phillips and A&R Charles Whitfield.

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Unwrapped Vol. 7 – Back To Basics

The acclaimed Unwrapped series continues its legacy with its collection of “Unwrapped Flips” and returns in 2010 on the heels of last year’s #1 Jazz release, Volume 6 produced by celebrated Drummer extraordinaire Tony Royster Jr. The series looks to break the million mark in sales with this release which also celebrates the label’s 10 year anniversary!

Hidden Beach Recordings released Unwrapped Volume 1 in 2001 and stemmed from what was originally intended as a jam session between seasoned musicians for their own amusement. The album was billed as an exciting project that took conventional thinking and turned it upside down. It involved some of today’s most accomplished instrumental soloists who flipped the process followed by Hip Hop producers and returned the flavor into the bargain by offering infectious renditions of such rap standards like LL Cool J’s “Loungin'”, Biggie’s “One More Chance”, Common’s “The Light”, and OutKast’s “Ms. Jackson”, among many others.

However, it was not only the selection of the tracks that made this album a standout. The sheer quality of the artists involved was breathtaking with such jazz and R&B luminaries as Patrice Rushen, Paul Jackson Jr, Everett Harp and Mike Phillips all taking part. The initial thinking at Hidden Beach was to keep this material in-house for use as fun music at various Hidden Beach events. However, once some DJ heard what was being produced they demanded vinyl copies and as a result of this development, turned their music loving faithfuls on to the Unwrapped concept which has been unmatched by anyone who has tried to duplicate its concept.

Volume 7 is poised to be one of the most impressive showings in collaboration with acclaimed producer and songwriter J.R. Hutson! He is a renaissance music maker, a versatile and professionally trained musician whose rich soundscapes thrill ears across genres. Hutson’s years of experience both in front of the mic and behind the studio soundboard make him one of the hottest commodities in contemporary pop today. With jazz in his heart, pop in his soul, and R&B on the brain, Hutson creates new school electricity sparked by a foundation of old school technique.

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