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U-Nam – The Best Of U

U-Nam, the guitarist with a memorable name and an acrobatic, soulful and sweet melodic touch, with “Back From the 80’s” has crafted music firmly rooted in funky smooth jazz but crossing into genres as excitingly diverse as R&B, Hip-Hop, Pop, Rock and Chill. He calls it “Classy, Jazzy, Funky, Frenchy.”

For his fans and those, who discovered his work for the first time he presents his album The Best Of U.  A compilation of the best songs, remixes and hits of Chart Topper French Soul/Jazz Artist U-Nam including the latest single “Act Like You Know” feat. Tim “TiO” Owens , an exclusive new remix of the number 1 US Billboard song of 2007 “Street Life” as well as exclusives Live Versions of the hit songs “Street Life” and “Keep The Faith” recorded in 2010 in Anthology, San Diego, CA.

Special guests on this compilation includes Rahsaan Patterson,Phil Perry, Abiodun ( The Last Poets ), Daddy-O ( Stetasonic ), Myron Davis, Nyr and much more…

The Best Of U is available at CDBaby.


U-Nam – The Early Tapes 94-95

Paris born guitarist Emmanuel Abiteboul, better known as U-Nam, recently released his first DVD, entitle Live At Anthology. He is also known by his albums The Past Builds the Future, Back From the 80’s and Unanimity. While these previous mentioned albums present his elegant smooth jazz style, the DVD reveals his quality as solo guitarist.

He began playing guitar, when he was 12. As a teen he studied at CIM, the Paris-based jazz school between 1986 and 1989. With 20 he was already an in-demand studio musician. During this time he released his first solo album on the Swiss/American Funk label, Lakeside Music originally called The Gars Is Back. I assumed this album would have faded away in the doom of time.

But fortunately U-Nam still owns this treasury of the past. Now The Early Tapes 94/95 are available as digital download at CDBaby. The album features French jazz musicians such as Franck Sitbon (keyboards), Denis Guivarc’h (saxophone), Franck Ridacker (drums), Alex Aledji (bass) and more.

U-Nam’s style performed on the up-tempo The Gars Is Back differs slightly from the previous mentioned albums. He treats the guitar with energy performing an edgy acid jazz.

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U-Nam – Live @ Anthology

Paris born guitarist Emmanuel Abiteboul, better known as U-Nam, started his career with the debut album The Past Builds the Future on the Trippin’N’Rhythm record label in 2005. In 2007 his sophomore album Back From the 80’s received rave reviews by many Internet websites. With his third album Unanimity (2009) he built up his popularity.

This year U-Nam shined as one of the most in-demand guitarists on several concerts and festivals. The new DVD Live @ Anthology captures a live concert on March 24, 2010 at the well known location in San Diego, CA.

Anthology has become one of San Diego’s premier upscale dining rooms. On stage, Anthology plays host to renowned local and international musicians in Jazz, Classic Rock, Blues, Latin and World music.

The DVD surprises with an overwhelming title-art, intro and menu presenting a helicopter fly over skyscrapers, which display different oversized views of U-Nam. U-Nam’s band include drummer Tony Moore, bassist Darryl Williams, keyboardist Kim Hanson, saxophonist and flutist Shannon Kennedy.

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U-NAM – Unanimity

Hailing from Paris U-NAM aka Emmanuel Abiteboul recently moved to USA, where he is performing with the cream of contemporary jazz. Working for artists such as Barry White, Honeyz, Luis Fonsi, Alsou, Kool & the Gang, Billy Paul, Cindy Daniel and CNote motivated him to release after his debut The Past Builds The Future (2005) his sophomore solo album Back From The 80’s (2007). This album received high acclaims because of its originality, freshness and rich proficiency. This album was one of the best smooth jazz albums I heard since several years. Without exception strong songs, no filler.

Will U-NAM continue his previous success with his follow-up Unanimity (2009)? This question can be answered with a clear and astounding YES. The title of the new album is explained by U-NAM with his move to L.A. leaving his family especially his four years old son Melvin behind. The concept of “Humanity” should be able to do the “Unanimity”. The album was recorded in parts in his studio in France and in his new studio in Rancho Cucamonga called Studio II. As on his previous album U-Nam is supported by the Merkevah Orchestra and the M.A. strings section conducted by Raymond Gimenes, furthermore by the Paris horns (Thierry Farrugia, Christian Martinez and Bernard Camoin). Further musicians on his new album are Denis Bennarosh (percussion), Mike White (drums), Franck Sitbon (clavinet, Fender Rhodes, acoustic piano, organ and background vocals) and some special guest musicians.

U-Nam surprises with his unusual introduction Viva La Revolucion. A movie score of the Mexican revolution with the blowing trumpet, revolting people and the whole body of sound of this ancient period. When you search after the contemporary funk, your quest is over. Funk-4-U-Nity has it all. U-NAM’s dynamic guitar performance takes the audience by storm.

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