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Marion Meadows – Twice As Nice

3939590-2681705Whoever knows saxophonist Marion Meadows, is aware of the fact that he is a multi-faceted personality with manifold talents. His skills are not limited to music, rather he is also an excellent photographer, a blessed painter and designer. As in the field of visual arts, as a musician he strives for the greatness that makes him a dazzling celebrity for everyone.

As part of his musical career, this year we already welcome his 16th album Twice As Nice, which will be released on the label Shanachie Entertainment in April 2021. He relates this title to the great gift of having grown up with two sympathetic siblings, Otha and Barbara. Equally applicable is the title to his exuberant creativity in both music and the performing arts.

Fortunately, Marion did not fall into depression during the pandemic, but used it as a creative opportunity, a chance for self-contemplation and self-discovery. So again something has been shaped that his fans expect from each of his projects, an aura of atmospheric uniqueness. The starting tune On The Uptown was created in Paul Brown’s The Funky Joint, the ultimate hit forge, with the participation of bassist Roberto Vally, keyboardist Leon Bisquera and trumpeter Joey Sommerville. With an abundance of finest harmony Marion and these fine musicians set standards of ultrasonic flow.

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Marion Meadows – Twice As Nice


Marion Meadows’ creative spirit is in perpetual motion. An avid and passionate cyclist with a zest for life, the debonair chart-topping saxophonist is also an accomplished photographer and visual artist. He earned his Doctorate in Arts and Humanities from Wilberforce University in 2016. Marion’s story of his ascent to fame is the stuff of legend. You might wonder what Star Trek, Star Ship and stardom have in common? Let’s just say the stars first aligned when Marion was heard playing his sax in Grand Central Station. Emmy-winning TV composer Jay Chattaway of Star Trek fame heard him and introduced Marion to iconic Grammy-winning pianist Bob James who ended up helping Marion launch his solo career.

The universe’s plans did not stop there, as it was not long before drummer and producer extraordinaire Norman Brown invited Meadows to board his Star Ship. Traveling at the speed of light, three decades later, Meadows who says his purpose is to “keep humanity moving forward,” stands as one of the premiere architects of Contemporary Jazz. On April 23, 2021, Shanachie Entertainment will release Meadows’ latest album, his 16th recording as a leader, Twice As Nice. The Nashville based saxophonist explains the title is a play on words. “Well, it certainly is Twice As Nice to have a brother and sister such as I have,” confides Marion who has collaborated with everyone from George Benson and Stevie Wonder to The Temptations. He adds, “Otha and Barbara are the best, and I am truly blessed to have them as siblings. The title also alludes to the joy I get from spinning my musical web into my albums and my artistic canvas. I guess it’s just that restless side of my brain that rarely rests!” Twice As Nice is an uplifting celebration that unites Marion with a who’s who list in Contemporary Jazz including Paul Brown, Chris “Big Dog” Davis, Jeff Lorber, Dave Mann, Steve Oliver and Joey Sommerville, among others. Marion reflects, “These guys are musical giants and I am so blessed to be in such a giving community.”

During the past year, the pandemic has been a catalyst for change in a number of ways. Collectively we have all been forced to self-reflect and assess our lives. “For me,” shares Marion, “I have been able to tap into an even deeper introspective of myself and the result has been rewarding. I realize how important my journey is on many levels and to be especially cognizant of my contribution to my friends and family as well as my community.” Marion’s mission with Twice As Nice is to use his music as a vehicle for positivity. “My fans know that when they get a new Marion Meadows album, that it will be eclectic! I have fans who tell me that my music is healing and I hope that this new music will continue to offer that to as many people as possible. Continue reading