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Drew Davidsen – True Drew

Guitarist Drew Davidsen is a constant contributor to the smooth jazz genre. After the release of his debut solo album This Journey (2007), followed Around (Again) (2009), We 3 Stringz (2010) and Spin Cycle (2011). Now he is back with True Drew (2013).

The album was co-produced by Eric Copeland, Norman Connors, Preston Glass and Drew himself. He was joined by numerous top-notch musicians like Bobby Lyle, Eric Marienthal, Gerald Veasley and many more.

What else can be the focus of a guitar album as the guitar? So Drew presents us My Guitar in an infectious mix of guitar and vocals. By the way he performs on a solid-body 24-fret Carvin.

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Drew Davidsen – True Drew

TrueDrewA slick, cosmopolitan showcase of a dozen contemporary jazz instrumentals, cool-toned guitarist Drew Davidsen elevates his technical prowess and creative muse while contemplatively chronicling his journey through life on “TRUE DREW,” his fifth album that will be released March 5th on Oznot Records.  In addition to his impassioned, fanciful fretwork on electric, acoustic and nylon-stringed guitars, Davidsen wrote or co-wrote seven original tunes for the disc that he produced with Eric Copeland, Preston Glass and Norman Connors.  Setting the stage at radio is “Hi5,” which adeptly bridges the sensibilities of a hip L.A. rooftop hang and sultry songo rhythms.

The material that makes up “TRUE DREW” mirrors the mission of the man.  Beginning with the infectious “My Guitar” that is ignited by a spirit-raising guitar and celestial vocal hook, Davidsen ventures onto “95 South” in search of an energetic exploration, brazenly allowing the music – jazz, R&B, blues and adult pop – to be his guide.  Riffing adventurously throughout, he gives a “Hi5” to his traveling companions on the album, an accomplished lot that boasts Bobby Lyle, Eric Marienthal, Bob Baldwin, Gerald Veasley, and the Temptations’ Ron Tyson.

When life forces him to take risks (“Double or Nothin’”), he pauses for reflection (“All Night and Forever” and a brooding, New Age-y take on the classic hymnal “All Creatures”) before arriving at the “Sweet Spot” where he encounters love (“I’m Into You,” “I Can’t Help It” and “Give Me Your Heart”).  A man of faith who devotes his time and a portion of the proceeds from all music sales to charitable endeavors such as Ghanaian Mother’s Hope (, Davidsen ultimately remains true to the path to “Do Right” and “Change The World.”  In fact, he’s currently encouraging people to make healthier choices in the New Year via The 30-Day Wellness Challenge (

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