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Till Brönner – Christmas

ChistmasWith his new album “Christmas” trumpeter Till Brönner in trio with pianist Frank Chastenier and bassist Christian von Kaphengst creates a puristic album full of chamber music intensity and refreshing breadth. Songs from different decades and genres like “Jesus to Child”, “Ich steh an deiner Krippe hier” or “Jingle Bells” combine them to an intimate listening experience. Relevant art is always a mirror of its time and the circumstances under which it is created.

On “Christmas”, Till Brönner succeeds in creating a unique melange of topicality and timelessness. “The past few months have made us all realize,” explains Brönner, “what is really important in life. We wanted to implement this realization within the music as well. So slowly, life is returning to a certain normality, where small celebrations in the closest circle are finally possible again. After this special year, we have deliberately decided against an album with bombastic-overloaded cover versions for lavish celebrations, but instead try to create a special, an almost intimate Christmas mood with a small ensemble. “Christmas” features Till Brönners stylistic range from German Christmas classics like “Ich steh an deiner Krippen hier” to thoughtful pop moments like the touching cover of George Michaels “Jesus To A Child” to elegant, laid-back late-night remakes of American evergreens like “Jingle Bells” or “Christmas Time Is Here”.

The latter is given a very special melancholic touch by none other than Max Mutzke with his soulful vocals. “In the mid-1960s, the Vietnam War was in full swing. At the time of the civil rights movement, this piece was created, in which, despite its brittleness, there is a certain melancholy. I had a long talk with Max about the track. He, too, is an intuitive guy who is comfortable in different genres. He immediately hit the right note,” sums up Till Brönner.

“Christmas” is released in the Studio Edition on Pure Audio Blu-ray. In addition to a Hi-Res Stereo and Surround Sound, the Pure Audio Blu-ray also includes an immersive mix in AURO-3D and Dolby Atmos.

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Till Brönner – On Vacation

Together with jazz legend and Grammy award winner Bob James, trumpeter Till Brönner – Germany’s most successful jazz musician – has transformed holiday moods into a multi-layered soundscape. Close your eyes and dream: “For me,› On Vacation ‹is first and foremost a feeling and we have turned this feeling into music,” explains Brönner. Virtuoso, full of creative love for refined details and at the same time of the greatest possible nonchalance, Brönner and James create an imaginative and sonorous music for inspiration, for reflection and daydreaming. Together with their fantastic fellow musicians, they combine melodic subjects over a dynamically woven rhythm primer and mysteriously shimmering textures to create colorful musical soundscapes and create a shimmering sound for and about the relaxed moments in the here and now. “These recordings definitely feel different to anything I’ve done before,” explains Brönner – and you can hear that.

With the track “September Morn” the first single of the new record is now released: an interpretation of the title track from Neil Diamond’s 1979 album of the same name. Till Brönner and Bob James interpret the song as a relaxed jazz ballad. The piece is mainly carried by the warm tone of the trumpet, while James lays the foundation for the piece with gently struck chords in the background. A wonderful soundtrack for the second half of the year, which already makes you want the album of the two jazz greats.

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Various Artists – wavemusic Vol. 15

Dear fans of the extraordinary,

One of the things we – indeed all of us – miss is not living like James Bond.

We find ourselves at the mercy of the daily grind, do all our banking transactions ourselves and then lose sight of the enlightening swathes of cosmopolitan color on the canvass we inhabit.

When did you last serve your dearest a dry, shaken Martini while pulsating brass riffs had your loft shaking? And when was the last time the two of you spent a romantic night of passion under the stars?

OK, so some of you might say you don’t have a loft or a canvass – and you can barely see the stars or the sky where you live. But you DO have us! You have not just any old music … but wavemusic! We can take you to places where class, style and elegance are at home.

May 28, 2010 sees the release of … the ALL-NEW VOLUME 15. Hip hip hurray! Every song is a victory over mediocrity merchants and a knockout blow to the uninspired.

Fancy some Remy Shand, Till Brönner or Lee Ritenour? You want more? How about ”Crazy” by Papik, a Swedish love song from the Bo Kaspers Orkester – or indeed some enticing images from the glamorous world of Concorde and the jet set?

You can click here to order a copy or check out a sample, and let the music take you to a place that’s a cut above the rest. Compiled with passion, styled in fashion. wavemusic Vol. 15.

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Various Artists – MoreorlessChristmas5

Most of us associate the excitement over the Christmas season with personal memories from childhood. For some it’s the sight of drifting snowflakes or candles and Christmas tree decorations. Others might be thinking of the scent of baked apples – or even mulled wine. But there’s one memory that everyone has in common: the sound of rustling wrapping paper as you excitedly unpacked your gift-laden stocking.

The latter tradition is the legacy of Nicholas of Myra aka Saint Nicholas, the historical 4th century figure behind Santa Claus. The legends surrounding his deeds as a patron of sailors, merchants and children made him a highly revered saint among Catholics and in general made him one of the world’s most famous gift givers.

So with the advent of Advent we once more wonder what would make the ideal present for a cherished friend or family member. Look no further for the ideal solution than California Sunset Records and moreorlessCHRISTMAS 5. Artists including Till Brönner, Norah Jones and Laura Fygi provide the perfect mood for cosy evenings in by the fireplace. Their enchanting versions of familiar Christmas classics (incl. ”Winter Wonderland”, ”White Christmas”) revive all those childhood memories and nostalgia and help roll back the years. Click here to order your copy now.

Till Brönner – Midnight

German born trumpet player Till Broenner started his solo career in an age of 20 years with the album Generations of Jazz featuring Ray Brown, Jeff Hamilton, Frank Chastenier and Gregoire Peters (1993). Further albums are My secret Love (1995), German Songs (1996), Midnight (1997), Love (1998), Chattin with Chet (2000), Jazz Seen (2001), Blue Eyed Soul (2002), That Summer (2004), Höllentour (2004), Oceana (2006), The Christmas Album (2007), and Rio (2008).

As a young musician Till succeeded in enlightening such musicians as Michael Brecker, Dennis Chambers and David Mann for his project Midnight. The album was realized and financed by Uwe Buschkötter, a former jazz musician. Till Broenner presented a new sound and a funky, American studio style of the nineties, while rooted in the jazz modernism. With own compositions and cover versions of Marvin Gayes What’s Going On and Stevie Wonder Don’t You Worry ‘Bout A Thing, he continued his soulful repertoire of accents.

The album was recorded in the Power Station, the current Avatar Studios, one of the first addresses in the city of NY, in several phases between September 1995 and May 1996. Although the album received high acclaim after its release in spring 1997, it was not selling well perhaps caused by a lack of promotion or it wasn’t the right time for that type of contemporary jazz in Germany. Anyway Verve/Universal bought the rights and fortunately re-issued the album this year. A real opportunity to discover this gem of the past.

The album starts with Marvin Gaye’s popular song What’s Going On. The song was arranged and produced by keyboardist George Whitty. The excellent musicianship of Michael Brecker, Till Broenner and more creates the fantastic atmosphere of one of the hottest tune of that year and the spell bounding effect isn’t faded away.

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