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David T. Shamley – The Transition

Detroit born, Tulsa resident David T. Shamley has worked with HB Barnum, music director of Aretha Franklin. he performed with Lou Rawls, Stevie Wonder, and Al Green and recorded with the group Third World on their album Logos Jump.

After serving in the United States Army and performing with the Army Soldier Show he now concentrates his musical activity on his solo career. His new album The Transition is just released.

A specialty of this album is the fact that David T. Shamley has written and arranged most of the tracks of this album. However David Keys has performed most of the instruments. Further musicians mentioned in the liner notes are on selected tracks Alphaeus Washington (guitar) and Allen Brown (bass).

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David T Shamley – The Transition

David T Shamley comments his new album The Transition: This music is what you want to hear when problems is in your life and you don’t know which way to to turn, this music will give that direction to take that step toward God and understanding his love and power that he has waiting on you. If you trust God, and believe that he can make a way for you, then you just picked up the right album.

The Transition is available at CDBaby.