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The Smooth Jazz Alley – Let’s Ride

The new album is almost here!! It took a little longer than expected but it is coming along far beyond what we could have imagined! We are in the final stages of tracking before it goes to mixing and mastering. The album will feature some big named artists in Smooth Jazz and of course Stan will be featured on a few tracks. Stan has also decided to stay on board as a writer for The Smooth Jazz Alley & will continue doing his part in the magic behind the scenes in the studio.

Additionally, we are excited to have drummer Kevin Lewis on board as executive producer who has played a vital role in assisting with producing tips behind the scenes, so we are really excited with everything that has transpired this year. Thank you to all of our fans who continue to support us by listening to our music and also to the radio stations that are continuing to play our songs. As always, keep checking back for updates!

The album will be soon available on

The Smooth Jazz Alley – Been A Long Time Comin’

The Smooth Jazz Alley is the result of musical inclinations and fateful encounters. Keyboardist Marco Montoya and guitarist Stanley Evans first met in the Latin band Grupo Caribe. Already infected by the smooth jazz virus Marco suggested Stanley to create this formation.

The proposal striked fertile soil and Stanley helped to shape the sound with his guitar. Their album Been A Long Time Comin’ (2016) encompasses original tracks by the duo, two in collaboration with Mona Attia. Both are joined by fellow musicians Kenny Franklin (bass), Miguel Melgoza and Eric Mendez (drums), Lawrence Beamen & Mona Attia (vocals), and Bill Ortega, Jr. (trumpet) on selected tracks.

The harmonious synergy of the duo displays for the first time in C-Funk. A crispy tune with fresh guitar and keyboard implementations of a high addictive degree.

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The Smooth Jazz Alley – Been a Long Time Comin’

12783510_1573495249642472_792489871970352253_oGrupo Caribe: Stan and Marco met many years ago in Grupo Caribe, a Latin fusion band that played different types of tropical music from Central & South America, Columbia and Puerto Rico. Marco was the co-leader of the band, director and played keyboards. Stan was the sound-man and played guitar. After a successful 10 year run, the band broke up, but Stan and Marco stayed in touch, jammed together and the eventual result was the birth of The Smooth Jazz Alley.

Their first recording was the original version of Stan’s Groove, which was recorded on an 8-Track Digital Recorder back in the early 2000’s. After a decade and four more versions, the final version that made the album finally came. Their musical chemistry has evolved and continues to grow – something they hope you will feel as you listen to the album. Been a Long Time Comin’ is now on sale at CDBaby.