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Down To The Bone – The Main Ingredients

Some years ago I asked Stuart Wade, the musical mastermind behind Down To The Bone, about the relationship between Smooth Jazz and Acid Jazz. Stuart answered: “Acid Jazz is not a refreshment for Smooth Jazz, it is totally different! I don’t know if my music has an influence on Contemporary Jazz. I do know there are those within the format who would like to see me and this funky style of Jazz disappear, and have tried to put barriers in my way ever since I started.”

What can be a better prove for the popularity of this group and acid jazz in particular than the fact, that DTTB has now released their 9th album and sold over 500,000 copies throughout the bands previous releases.

Stuart calls his new album a labor of love. His musical ideas were transferred into reality by Neil Angilley (keyboards and co-writer), Julian Crampton (bass) Tim Smart (trombone), Davide Giovannini ( drums), Mark Jaimes (guitar), Alex Bennett , Oli Silk, keyboards), Joe Beckett (percussion), Ryan Jacobs (trumpet), Tom Richards (sax). As special guest appears vocalist Imaani, best known by her performance with Incognito.


Down To The Bone – The Main Ingredients

This premier funk jazz unit has solidified its undisputed place as the true merchants of groove. Masterminded by writer/ producer Steward Wade, DTTB has churned out hit after head bobbin hit, not only capturing the attention of radio with its thick, throbbing funk but has also established itself as one of the most in demand touring bands in the world.

The Main Ingredients takes the band into double digit territory marking their 10th release and one that takes the band back to its original roots with 10 tracks still steeped in groove but with a heavy dose of 21st century glaze. There is still plenty of meat on the bone here with tracks like Uptown Hustle and Second Nature that will find welcome satisfaction among their minions along with a heaping helping of non-signature flavors like the sides Watch Me Fly co-written by label mate Oli Silk and the Band New Heavies inspired Closer, both featuring vocals from Imani. All in all a funk/ groove feast sure to invigorate the taste buds of all who crave music that makes you move.

The Main Ingredients has, as the title suggests, the base ingredients that got the band from Wade s early concept to the massive success it is today yet purposefully sprinkled with some surprise spices to keep the sides interesting, funky and on the edge.