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Nick Colionne – The Journey

Chicago’s best dressed jazz guitarist Nick Colionne released his first albums It’s My Turn (1994), Arrival (1996) and The Seduction (1999) on the Lake Shore Jazz label followed by Just Come On In (2003), Keepin’ It Cool (2006), and No Limits (2008). Feel The Heat (2011) and Influences (2014) are released on Trippin & Rhythm. Now he is back with The Journey (2016) on the same label.

Among the big names on this album are saxophonists Najee and Darren Rahn, keyboardist/producer Chris “Big Dog” Davis, keyboardists Nicholas Cole and James Lloyd.

The album starts in full swing with the title song. Nick brings his Epiphone The Broadway in the forefront and raises a cool melody even with some improvisation on top. Buckle Up shines with a great horn section and outstanding sax and the rhythm is a funky addition. Nick gets from the horn players the tendency to tell a story like a vocalist and that makes his songs so full of tension.

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Nick Colionne – The Journey

Nick Colionne The Journey

Chicago is a fountain for smooth jazz artists with big talent. Among those talents one can find a bird of paradise. Renowned jazz guitarist Nick Colionne is the best-dressed musician always clad in colorful suits. But these garments aren’t satisfying no other purpose than the enjoyment of doing it, they are Nick’s trademark signaling his musical stardom.

His first albums It’s My Turn, Arrival and The Seduction were released on the Lake Shore Jazz label followed by Just Come On In (2003), Keepin’ It Cool (2006), and No Limits (2008). His album Feel The Heat (2011) and Influences (2014) were released on Trippin & Rhythm.

The Journey is scheduled for release April 1, 2016 on the same label. You can pre-order the album at

Rob Arthur – The Journey

The JourneyThe Journey is a collection of compositions that Rob Arthur has written over the past few years. You’ll find that each tune has a different stylistic vibe to it. Each was written during important parts of his life when he experienced joy, excitement, hardship, sadness, etc. These important times from his life have helped him understand the meaning of love more and more.

The Journey is his debut album and now on sale at CDBaby.

Jim Adkins – The Journey

The JourneyThe Journey is the sixth solo release for the award winning songwriter and guitarist Jim Adkins. In this CD Jim continues to share his ability to hit the smooth jazz mark with songs like Time With You and The Secret Place but also stretches out to include the rock ballad A New Horizon and the fun style of blues with Highway 12. His latest offering includes all the catchy hooks, warm melodies and groove that we have come to expect from this Virginia artist.

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Charles McPherson – The Journey

Straight, no chaser. Charles McPherson goes old school with The Journey (Capri Records, 2015). Recognized as one of the last authentic practitioners of bebop sax, McPherson would make some of his pioneering brethren proud.

McPherson plays the alto sax. With him are Keith Oxman, tenor sax; Chip Stephens, piano; Ken Walker, bass; and Todd Reid, drums.

The sassy opener, “The Decathexis from Youth (for Cole),” features the duet of McPherson and Oxman in harmonious lead. The song begins in moderate, swing. Then it shifts into high gear as the leader takes off on a spirited jaunt. Composer Stephens stretches out in blues style.

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Sir Gant And The Invisible Force – The Journey

Dean Gant, known professionally as “Sir Gant,” has been recognized for decades as a top industry Producer, Arranger, Keyboardist, and Composer.

Now, with expanded horizons, it’s a new dawn for Sir Gant, the solo artist. With the release of his debut project on his own label, ELEGANT MEDIAWORKS; 2011 will see him emerge as a consummate artist in his own right. Gant’s project, “The Journey” is a musical anthology that celebrates the genius he has lent to many top artists over the span of his career.

Sir Gant’s solo effort is as much a reflection of the journey of his life path as of his professional career path. He is well aware of the wide range of diverse styles on his CD and explains that it represents the breadth of his musical, personal and spiritual growth. It is a musical charting of his Journey in real life and real time. Innately, Gant is guided and influenced by a deep spiritual allegiance, hence his deference to “the Invisible Force” from which his musical inspiration comes. Along this path, Gant has crafted a signature style in his compositions and on keyboards. His melodic and harmonic structures are underscored by driving rhythms that assimilate and stimulate a wide range of emotions. He continually challenges himself, “To reach greater musical expressiveness, created by layering simple and & soulful elements.”

The Journey is recognized as smooth jazz at

Brian Lenair – The Journey

For the past years, Brian Lenair the former front man for Washington-DC based Jazz/R&B band, Spur of the Moment, whose previous CDs entitled, Spuraddict and Out of the Shadows, prevalently features Brian’s talents. This experience has taught him how to combine lush Jazz arrangements with silky R&B inspired tracks as to create a rich collection of sultry ballads and funky smooth Jazz songs.

He does this while still managing to mesmerize audiences as a true showman with his smooth, sultry sound during live performances. He has toured and played with many legendary Jazz and R&B recording artists including George Benson, Grover Washington, Jr., Al Jarreau, Peabo Bryson, Will Downing and Jean Carne, to name a few. Brian’s musical journey has also afforded him the opportunity to showcase his talents with the Westminster Choir College Jubilee Singers and as a featured soloist with the New Jersey Symphony Orchestra.

His debut album is called The Journey and is now available at CDBaby.