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Michael Carter Jr. – The Future

The FutureMichael, ago 14, was born and raised in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul. He has spent most of his years in the suburb of Woodbury, Minnesota. Michael is a pianist that plays mainly by ear, but has worked hard to improve his sight reading and playing skills. In his nine years of taking lessons, he has studied classical, R&B, jazz, blues and gospel. Michael’s main instrument is the piano; however, he is an accomplished drummer and played the saxophone for the school band.

In 2010, Michael realized that he enjoyed composing songs. With the help of today’s computer technology, Michael has found that he is a stronger composer than pianist. He began developing his album in early 2012 and completed it in July, 2013. His goal is to compose songs for other musicians, while continuing to improve his skills on the piano.

His debut CD, The Future, rocks you with deep bass lines and piano and saxophone melodies. His music is best positioned as Urban Contemporary Jazz because of its strong R&B and Hip Hop influences. This CD represents a young African-American artist’s love for music. Michael has a promising future and he represents our nation’s future. Give the future a chance at CDBaby.