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Terry Gomes – The Tropical Dream

Ottawa composer and guitarist Terry Gomes is back with a new instrumental album that reflects his dream and that of many others who endure cold climates. Titled, The Tropical Dream, it promises to evoke your imagination and send you on your way to a tropical paradise. Written during a painful period of winter convalescence, Terry fused his own musical “voice” with elements of Caribbean, World and Smooth Jazz to deliver a ‘vacation” that is at times, joyous, poignant and reflective. This album is an expansion of some of the musical ideas expressed on his last two recordings, “Blue. Green. Aquamarine.” and “The Sand in My Shoes”.

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Terry Gomes – Blue.Green.Aquamarine.

Terry Gomes’ chosen instrument is the guitar. Hailing from Ottawa, Canada his guitar-based music is encompassing jazz and Latin flavors. His discography shows Gomesongs Side A (2006), Gomesongs Side B (2007), Loose Ends (2009), Shh. (2013), The Sand In My Shoes (2014), and Blue. Green. Aquamarine. (2015).

Terry plays on this EP guitars, keyboards and Ukulele. He is joined by Dave Milliken and Al Morier (acoustic guitar), Stu Watkins (bass), Ross Murray (drums and percussion), Rene Fortier (percussion), Nick Dyson (trumpet), David Renaud (sax), Brian Browne (piano), Norm Claude (bass) and Tom Denison (drums) on selected tracks.

Then She Danced is already a good start to recognize, in which direction this album is conceived. A brisk Bossa nova with lilting guitar music that invites you to dance. The melody is played without much technical bells and whistles.

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