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Jeff Kashiwa – Sunrise

JK_SunriseCover800Seattle native, Jeff Kashiwa knew he was destined to be a musician following his junior high introduction to woodwinds. His instincts were correct. He became known as one of the most compelling young saxophonists in contemporary jazz during his first year with The Rippingtons. Kashiwa performed hundreds of shows all over the world and appeared on many of the band’s classic recordings.

Having established himself in the 1990’s as one of the most diverse saxmen in contemporary jazz during his decade long tenure with The Rippingtons, Kashiwa’s instincts led him to more dynamic endeavors through his solo career. It surprised many when Jeff left the group to venture out on his own, but he had things to say through his own music. Kashiwa now has eleven CDs released under his own name and has continued to record as a guest artist with many other artists as well. In 2004, Kashiwa founded The Sax Pack, a trio of saxophone headliners, featuring himself, Steve Cole and Kim Waters. The group released two CDs together and charmed audiences with their Rat Pack style reparte’ in tours across the U.S. and abroad.

In 2006, Jeff reunited with The Rippingtons for their 20th Anniversary Tour and continues to record and tour with the group as often as his busy schedule will allow. In addition to touring with The Sax Pack and his own group, Kashiwa has expanded his career to include the realm of music education, teaching various courses through the music program at Shoreline Community College in Seattle.

His new album Sunrise brings hope for a new day. It is the beginning of new opportunities to experience and enjoy life. We hope that this music serves as a soundtrack for you today and many days ahead.

The album is available for pre-order here.

Amit Friedman Sextet – Sunrise

The morning sun casts a bright glow over a field, a cover photo that captures the essence of Sunrise (Origin Records, 2012), by the Amit Friedman Sextet.

The session is part ambient, part fusion, all good. Friedman plays tenor and soprano saxophones, plus flute on one track. The rest of the band consists of Amos Hoffman on oud and guitar, Omri Mor on piano, Gilad Abro on bass, Amir Bresler on drums and Rony Iwryn on percussion. The string ensemble of Chen Shenar and Avner Kelmer on violins, Noam Haimovitz Weinschel on viola and Maya Belzitsman on cello contribute to some selections.

As if representative of dawn, “Sunrise” begins slowly, almost unnoticeable. One can almost see the faint glow of pre-dawn as the soprano welcomes a new day, backed softly by the accompaniment. Gradually, the sky lightens, and dark red transitions to orange and eventually bright yellow. The strings add an elegant touch.

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Joe Troup – Sunrise

Sunrise is a collection of catchy and inspirational songs played with a passionate approach that’s evident throughout the album. The record is dedicated to Joe’s father who passed away in late 2007. After hand picking some of Tucson’s most talented musicians he recorded Sunrise at Allusion Studios along with the help of the engineering guru Jim Pavett.

Joe Troup is an acoustic guitarist based in Tucson AZ. He originally hails from the Southwestern Michigan town of Kalamazoo. With his prized Les Paul Custom at his side Joe has played in numerous rock bands over the years. For a creative change of pace he switched gears in 2007 to play an Ovation acoustic guitar. You can listen this change to smooth jazz on his new album at CDBaby.