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Frank Gambale feat. Boca – Soulmine

Guitar virtuoso Frank Gambale is widely known as well respected artist performing with jazz legends like Chick Corea, Billy Cobham and as member of the jazz fusion supergroup Return To Forever. With more than 20 solo albums in his credit and dozens of other guest record projects his name echoes like thunder.

In January 2010 he married his soulmate fiancé Boca. The project Soulmine is Frank’s affair of the heart. Frank comments in an interview: “Boca is a wonderful singer/songwriter and talented pianist. She’s just a fantastic talent. I’ve wanted to do vocal music. Back in Australia I was always in vocal bands and it’s something I’m returning to – although I’ve done vocal tunes on my instrumental records too. Before, I was doing the lead singing, but I wanted a wonderful, talented singer to front the sound. We wrote ten songs together. I’m really excited about it.”

Further artists on this album are bassist Victor Wooten, drummer Joel Taylor, pianist Otmar Ruiz, and organist Brian Auger. Gary Coppola adds some background vocals on selected tracks.



Frank Gambale – Soulmine

Respected and recognized as one of music’s most innovative guitarists, Grammy winner Frank Gambale returned to his roots for his 20th solo album by delivering an exquisitely crafted vocal collection comprised of original jazzy adult pop songs.  Soulmine, which will be released May 22nd on the artist’s Wombat Records, was written and produced with his collaborating vocalist BOCA.  Award winning director Nigel Dick (Guns ‘n Roses, Britney Spears, Oasis, Cher) lensed the tantalizing video for the disc’s debut single, “Forbidden Kiss.”

Now in his 26th year as a solo artist and best known for his revolutionary instrumental recordings and audacious live performances with jazz fusion icons including Chick Corea, Billy Cobham, and Return To Forever (with Corea, Stanley Clarke, Lenny White and Jean-Luc Ponty), Gambale began his career playing in vocal groups.  The genesis of Soulmine has ruminated in the gifted composer’s consciousness for decades.  When he met and married his soul mate, BOCA, the guitar maverick who pioneered two imaginative techniques for playing the six-stringed instrument – Sweep Picking Technique and Gambale Tuning – had finally found the voice for which he had longed.

“This is the album that I’ve wanted to make for about 30 years.  Soulmine has all my favorite elements: cool grooves, hip changes, vocal harmonies and lots of guitar.  I especially like the way the voice and guitar dialogue.  I haven’t done it up until now because there was a major ingredient missing and that is BOCA.  BOCA is the perfect voice for this music and she was the perfect collaborator.  The messages in the lyrics are beautiful.  BOCA really captured the right sentiments in the music,” said Gambale, who will preview the album at a May 3rd performance with BOCA at Anthology in San Diego.  “The music that I’m drawn to is the stuff that really makes me feel something.  We love what we do – we love music – and we always have reverence for the music.” Continue reading