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Steve Cole – Smoke And Mirrors

12_8Saxophonist Steve Cole celebrates the release of his tenth album. After Stay Awhile (1998), Between Us (2000), NY LA (2003), Spin (2005), True (2006), Moonlight (2011), Pulse (2013), Turn It Up (2016) and Gratitude (2019), he returns with Smoke + Mirrors (2021).

The title is derived from the art of magic, although Steve does not hide behind smoke or mirrors but strives to show his true self. Like many other musicians, he has used the standstill in live performances to give free rein to his creativity and not rest on achieved laurels. In doing so, he has drawn on his proven longstanding partnership with musician and producer David Mann, who is also involved in all tracks on this production.

Other backing musicians are Bernd Schoenhardt (guitar), Trevor Neumann (trumpet, flugelhorn), Mel Brown (bass, piccolo bass), Brian Dunne (drums), Ricky Peterson (organ), Mark Egan (bass), and Todd Sucherman (drums). As you would expect, the album bristles from the start with a perfect horn arrangement featuring David Mann on numerous instruments. Living Out Loud is not just the title, it’s meant to be.

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Steve Cole – Smoke And Mirrors

12_8On ‘Smoke and Mirrors‘, American smooth jazz saxophonist Steve Cole offers up an intimately personal reflection of his own true self, free of trickery or sleight of hand. Created entirely in pandemic-necessitated isolation, it brings together an all-star band with Cole’s longtime producer, co-writer and multi-instrumentalist David Mann.

The far-flung ensemble includes guitarist Bernd Schoenhart (Cher, Marc Anthony); trumpet and flugelhorn player Trevor Neumann (The Eagles, Jeff Lorber); organist Ricky Peterson (David Sanborn, Prince); bassists Mel Brown (Stevie Wonder, The Temptations) and Mark Egan (Pat Metheny Group, Sting); drummers Brian Dunne (Hall and Oates, Ariana Grande) and Todd Sucherman (Styx, Brian Wilson).

While there were certainly challenges to corralling this stellar roster of musicians remotely from home recordings or socially distanced studio settings, quarantine did prove an equaliser in another sense. “Everybody’s stuck at home,” Cole points out with a laugh. “There are a lot of musicians that I would love to work with, but it’s impossible because they’re always on the road. So there was a little silver lining in the fact that I could call old friends like Todd Sucherman and Brian Dunne, or amazing artists like Mark Egan, and they’re actually available.”

The new album Smoke & Mirrors will be available on June 18th, 2021 on all platforms.