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Smooth Jazz Festival Mallorca 2014

The smooth jazz community is international. One likes to travel to faraway places to meet with like-minded people. So you can enjoy not only the concerts of popular artists but exchanges views among themselves. Many have formed friendships with each other and are also linked via Facebook or other platforms. This multiplies the impressions gained for all the senses, especially when one meets in such illustrious climes as the 5-star Protur Biomar Hotel in Sa Coma.

Concert promoter Christian Bößner had invited for the third time and they came to this outstanding event from many countries. We were particularly pleased to see so many American friends who had after all to cope with a wide approach path. And there were very prominent among them such as Melody Warren, who is very active with her JAZZ IN M.E.E. magazine. She equipped many artists with her t-shirts which maps the logo of her magazine. We could also welcome Sandy Shore known by her website and radio station

Regulars at this festival include Jaume Nebot from Spain, the competent general manager for the Protur Hotels, Peter Boehi from Suisse, who has already written his personal impressions on his website Smooth Vibes, Sascha Brezina from Austria, who always comes closest to the artists with his camera, Michel Mathieu from France, Len Seward and his wife from London, UK, Hilde Jervsjø and husband from Norway, Andreas Büchel, Germany, who is responsible for all prints of this festival, and the list goes on and on.

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Shilts – All Grown Up

With his new 2012 release All Grown Up, Shilts has raised the bar yet again. With ten original tracks of soul, jazz, RnB & funk, the tenor sax maestro brings his influences and experience with some high energy hooks and sweet jazzy melodies. The writing is fresh and creative and captures Shilts at his best, along with some of LA’s top session musicians.

Also featured is Oscar® and Grammy Award® nominated songstress Siedah Garrett on the sweet and uplifting song “Got Love.” This album is sure to be one of the big hits of 2012. The album is available at and other sellers. Now also for a good prize at CDBaby.

Smooth Jazz Festival Augsburg 2010

The third Annual German Smooth Jazz Festival took place in the Kurhaus Göggingen in Augsburg. A venue of timeless beauty build in the years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany. It is the work of famous architect Jean Keller, who constructed the building in 1886. The dreamy impression of this building is captured in the title photo, which was made last year by Andreas Lutz (Fotostudio Xanderhof).

Augsburg is the home town of Christian Bößner, who promoted this event for the third time. He already announced that the next festival in 2011 will be again in the same location. Those who are interested to know more about the ambiance I recommend to look at the numerous photos, which are published by friends of this event on Facebook.

The festival was opened by piano wizard David Benoit, who pleased the audience with several songs of his new album Earthglow. David Benoit is like Dave Grusin one of the big names of contemporary jazz. Always looking after new sides of music, he created with Earthglow anew gripping melodies with addictive potential. From his great repertoire we listened to Kei’s Song, Letter To Heaven, Blue Rondo a la Turque and Freedom at Midnight. The latest mentioned song is now often played on his tours. Originally recorded for his same-titled album (1990), the reaction on all his concert was so overwhelming, that he decided to re-release the popular song and mix it with musical quotations of Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata.

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Shilts – Going Underground

Going Underground is the new album of Paul Weimar, who is better known as Shilts. Why Shilts? Paul comments: “English goalkeeper Peter Shilton allowed a goal to go through his legs and I jumped up and screamed at the TV, “Shilts! What have you done?” The whole tour, anytime someone made a mistake, we’d say that, and it soon became my nickname.”

Shilts’ career is strongly connected with the London Acid Jazz scene. His soulful, funky saxophone style was loved by The Brand New Heavies, whose touring member he was for 6 years. During this time he met Neil Cowley, which in turn led to an introduction to Chris J. Morgans at Internal Bass and Stuart Wade, the creative forces behind DTTB. For a long period he was the face of DTTB presenting the group as anchor man during their world wide tours.

His debut album See What Happens was released in 2000 by Higher Octave records. With his move from London to L.A. in 2004 Shilts concentrated now on the American music market and quickly found a connection to top acts like Rick Braun, Jeff Lorber, Paul Brown and Peter White. A logical move because lots of record stores, labels and clubs in London were closed to that time.

Rick Braun and Richard Elliot, co-founder of the label ARTizen Music, signed Shilts releasing his sophomore album HeadBoppin in 2006. His third album Jigsaw Life found a home at nuGroove Records. The music business isn’t running well, so Shilts’ new album is now available on Shilts’ own record label. The easiest way to get a copy is now on CDBaby.

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