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Sam Levine – Smooth Worship

Sam Levine is known for his tender and heartfelt renditions of contemporary hits. Sam has been featured in live performances with such superstars as Whitney Houston and Al Jarreau, has recorded with Michael McDonald, The Neville Brothers, and Amy Grant, and has contributed musically to such motion picture soundtracks as Honeymoon in Vegas and Sweet Dreams.

He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee with his wife, Lee, and their children, Sybil and Reed. His newest contribution is called Smooth Worship and available at CDBaby.

Sam Levine – Sax In The City

Nashville studio musicians know Sam Levine as one of the busiest woodwind players in town. In one day he might play saxophone for a country artist, flute or penny whistle for a gospel artist and clarinet in a traditional jazz band. His playing has given color and expression to a wide variety of artists’ tracks, including Amy Grant, the Neville Brothers, Vince Gill and Michael McDonald. He is known for his reliable ensemble skills and his melodic, expressive solos.

Sam has more than 10 artist Cd’s in the smooth jazz and contemporary Christian genres. He has been nominated three times for a Dove Award and played on at least two Grammy Award winning recordings.

Sax In The City is an unabashedly commercial smooth jazz project. As such, it’s something of a musical time machine as Levine reprises big-time radio hits from the ’70s and ’80s, including two (!) from Ambrosia, The Biggest Part Of Me and How Much I Feel, as well as Hall & Oates’s Sara Smile, George Michaels’ Careless Whispers,  Little River Band’s Reminiscing, Earth, Wind & Fire’s After The Love Has Gone.

Levine gives it to the listener straight in an equally straightfoward Nashville studio production. And one can imagine the music working its magic in any number of upscale, equally retro singles bars, the requisite soundtrack to good cognac and the hoped-for seduction that follows. This album is available now at CDBaby.