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Robert Christa / Tom Reif – Free As A Bird

freeasabirdGerman pianist and composer Robert Christa is best known in the smooth jazz genre by his solo projects Nightflight To Rio (2015), City Lights (2017) and Smooth World (2019). His new album is a collaboration with the multi-instrumentalist Tom Reif entitled Free As A Bird (2021).

Robert Christa has written all tracks and plays Rhodes, piano and keys. Tom Reif has arranged, mixed and produced the tracks and performs guitars, guitar synth, fretless bass, keyboards, loops, percussion, programming and was co-composer on three tracks. Additional artists are Herb Berger (harp) and Tommy Eberhardt (drums).

The album opens with the sun-drenched Sunset Boulevard, from which Christa and Reif can definitely derive romantic aspects. Christa follows with the opening track to the familiar smooth jazz style of his previous album.

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Robert Christa – Smooth World

German pianist and composer Robert Christa is a musician you really should have on the radar. Since his debut Nightflight To Rio (2015) and his sophomore project City Lights in 2017 he has come out as an insider tip in the smooth jazz genre. This impression is convincingly confirmed by his third album Smooth World (2019).

Robert Christa performs on his new album keys, backing vocals and programming. He is joined on selected tracks by Robert Friedl (sax), Tom Reif (guitar), Bernd Hemminger (bass), Josiah Ruff, Stephanie Forryan, Mel Kamper (vocals), Mattias Hase (acoustic guitar), Llioba Bruns (cello), Natascha Weber, Lyn Conary, Daniana (backing vocals).

The album opens with Rise & Shine which reveals Christa’s penchant for perfect construction with a great opening. Saxophonist Robert Friedl and guitarist Tom Reif get plenty of opportunity to bring their own ideas to the play.

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Robert Christa – City Lights

German pianist and composer Robert Christa debuted in the smooth jazz genre with his debut album Nightflight To Rio (2015). A highly recommendable masterpiece of instrumental and vocal music. Now he returns with his sophomore project City Lights in 2017.

The very positive impression of the first album is more than confirmed by the second one. Christa performs on the new album Rhodes, synth, bass, percussion, programming and drums. He is accompanied by saxophonist Robert Friedl, vocalists Racquel Roberts, Stephanie Forryan, Chris and Lyn Conary, guitarists Mathias Haase and Tom Reif, bass player Alex Malheiros, and flugelhorn player Simon Plötzeneder.

The album starts with the overwhelming sound collage Secret Places, that reminds me of George Dukes’ intro Genesis from the album IllusionsIllusory Chains elegantly blends Robert Friedl’s saxophone with the enchanting voice of Lyn Conary.

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Robert Christa – Nightflight To Rio

German pianist Robert Christa has several irons in the fire. Jazz, smooth jazz, fusion, classic. Nothing is unknown to him, everything familiar. In the smooth jazz genre he worked with musicians such as Wolfgang Lackerschmid, Ronnel Bey, Tom Bradley, George Ballis and many others.

His debut album in this genre Nightflight To Rio is available since June 9, 2015. Robert plays on this album Rhodes, synth and programming. He is supported by vocalists Racquel Roberts, Ralph Damrath, Lipa Majstrovic, Nadine Krämer, Rainer Braun, Susan Stolle, Carreaux, guitarist Tom Reif, saxophonist Robert Friedl, cellist Lioba Bruns, bassist Bernd Everding and further musicians.

With Praise Robert delivers his first masterpiece introducing the impressing vocalist Racquel Roberts, who enchants with her wonderful timbre. Originally a musical singer she is currently residing in Los Angeles. Morning Sun features a relaxed mood with Robert Friedl on saxophone taking the lead.

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Robert Christa – Nightflight To Rio

NightflightToRioBorn in Dillingen / Donau 1961 pianist and composer Robert Christa goes own musical paths. Since his youth, he is on the search for true beauty in music and waived it at times also on old patterns. This applies equally to his compositions as well as his solo piano which he stepped up lately. So a signature style evolved throughout his mostly self-taught musical creation.

Music that can be classified roughly between jazz and classical music. Where he uses neither the rigid structures of jazz nor classical. Robert Christa it understands Soulful “bring over” during his performances both simple and complex harmony and melodic structures. “And I like to improvise for life. This creates my musical freedom. I then let me again even surprise what comes here, “said Christa.

In addition to the solo game Robert Christa has also written a number of titles in the Smooth Jazz range and compositions for piano and cello, all of which are available on CD. His newest project is Nightflight To Rio, available at