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Maysa – Back 2 Love

One of the leading soul singers of her time Maysa has grown to the queen of hearts. Known as top vocalist of the British Jazz-Funk band Incognito she regularly release her own solo projects. Maysa (1995), All My Life (2000), Out Of The Blue (2002), Smooth Sailing (2004), Sweet Classic Soul (2006), Feel The Fire (2007), Metamorphosis (2008), A Woman in Love (2010), Motions Of Love (2011), Blue Velvet Soul (2013) and A Very Maysa Christmas (2014) are her previous albums. Back 2 Love is her newest project.

Maysa comments꞉ “The music represents who I am as a woman and a human being who lives to love people. As a professional singer I should be able to sing anything and my records are just me trying to love everyone. And that’s why I am proud to be able to go from Jazz to R&B to Pop, etc.”

The album already reveals with the first track the new direction. Back 2 Love is wrapped as a dance tune to appeal younger audience. Fortunately Maysa still presents her unaltered natural voice as we love it. Keep It Movin’ grooves in R&B style featuring Stokley, lead singer of the group Mint Condition. In the smooth jazz genre, we meet him on recordings by Brian Culbertson, U-Nam or Boney James.

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Nate Harasim – #Shades Of Nate

When Nate Harasim began his solo career with the album Next In Line (2007), he was literally showered with praise. Shortly after the release of his debut album, David Chackler (NuGroove Music) heard the record and signed Nate for Love’s Taken Over (2008), Nate’s first album on the anew founded label.

This big talent returned with Rush on Trippin’ N Rhythm Records in 2011. Now the eagle is landed with his album #Shadesofnate (2015) on Woodward Avenue Records. We all wish him not only a safe landing but a cool stay.

Nate comments꞉ “I’m experiencing complete creative freedom for the first time with Mark Nordman and Woodward Avenue. He encouraged me on #ShadesofNate to do whatever I wanted, to be myself – and for me, that meant putting all those genres on the album in a way that made sense.″

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Peggy Duquesnel – Seems Like I Know You

Pianist and singer Peggy Duquesnel is since more than 25 years an active musician. She has released eight jazz, pop and inspirational CDs as a featured artist. Although at home with straight ahead jazz, she had always an affinity for pop music.

When crossing over between jazz and pop smooth jazz comes into play. This is especially true when music stars have contributed to the recording as trumpet player Rick Braun, keyboard wizard Jeff Lorber and bass wonder Jimmy Haslip.

From the instrumental point of view, this EP offers an exquisite music of the finest quality. Melodies and arrangements are convincing in every respect. Peggy merges pop and jazz on the starting title song, which is destined as first single for radio broadcasting. From the more vocal position Peggy is at home in the solid pop music.

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Swing Out Sister – Private View

With the song Breakout this band has written music history. The group Swing Out Sister was founded by Andy Connell (keyboards) and Martin Jackson (drums), later joined by Corinne Drewery (vocals), a former model and fashion designer.

Famous for their mix of pop and jazz they had great success with their debut album It’s Better to Travel (1987). During the making of their second album Kaleidoscope World (1989) drummer Martin Jackson left the group.

Their new project Private View (2012) is released in USA by Shanachie Entertainment, a special collector box containing a CD, a DVD and an extensive booklet. The CD comprises of an innovative take of known songs with new arrangements.

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Chinua Hawk – A Beautifully Complicated Life

Singer, Songwriter, Entrepreneur, just some of the words that can be used to describe Chinua Hawk. Chinua (pronounced: Shin-Wa) has worked with Wyclef Jean, Kanye West and his debut CD release for Blue Canoe illustrates just what a dynamic recording artist Mr. Hawk is.

It’s “gonna be alright” is the underlying theme of Chinua Hawk’s dynamite new release A Beautifully Complicated Life, produced by Joseph Patrick Moore (Earl Klugh, Stewart Copeland, Bob James). In his fourth full length compilation, Mr. Hawk sings of heartbreak and finding his way back to life. A songwriting partnership with Wyclef Jean and studio support work with Kanye West has led Chinua Hawk to A Beautifully Complicated Life. Listeners will be captivated by Mr. Hawk’s unique blend of pop, gospel, R&B and classic soul.

Roan Soul – Walk The World

Roan Soul is a project by Robert Berry and Andi Schenck. Berry performed with bands such as Hush, 3 featuring Keith Emerson & Carl Palmer, Ambrosia, Sammy Hagar and Night Ranger. Andi worked with The Reckoning and Pangaea.

Although both musicians played solid Rock, Prog Rock, Modern Rock and everything else with a relationship to Rock music in the past, they decided to create a new sound in the smooth jazz genre with elements of Rock, Pop, R&B and Latin.

To promote their new music they are supported by Gorov Music Marketing (formerly All That Jazz) and Jim Peterick’s Lifeforce is a predecessor of this movement from Rock to smooth jazz.


Charlez360 – Blue

Charlez360 is a young musician from Charlotte, North Carolina, whose talents are saxophone and his vocals. He already collected more than 9.000 likes at Facebook and it looks like this young man has a bright future. Blue is his first offering, which was released in August.

Convince yourself about his quality at CDBaby.

Paul Hardcastle – Paul Hardcastle VI

To present Paul Hardcastle‘s biography or discography would be like carrying coals to New Castle. Everybody knows this famous musician and his music.

One of his tremendous hits is Rainforest, reaching #1 on the 12″ sales chart in the USA in 1984. A first highlight of his terrific sense for melody and rhythm.  Decades later Hardcastle revisits this classic theme with Rainforest/What’s Going On on his new album Paul Hardcastle VI (2011). The ingenious combining of Rainforest with Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, a critical song about the ghetto youth, gives this song a new direction, an anti-war declaration.

With Night Time Hustle Hardcastle salutes to the music of Down To The Bone. The tune features Paul Hardcastle on sax in an outstanding role. Inspired by the island world of the Maldives Hardcastle composed 1000 Miles From Nowhere featuring sultry singer Becki Biggins. Becki has won the 2009 American Billboard Best Smooth Jazz Artist Award with Paul Hardcastle for the album Hardcastle V and is also the featured singer on his album Jazzmasters VI.

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Marcus Johnson – This Is How I Rock

After the success of the Billboard charting Poetically Justified, Marcus Johnson, released his latest CD This Is How I Rock on July 27, 2010. The album boldly delves into the pop/rock genre with a jazz spin as Johnson captures some of the industry’s most notable songs that influenced him earlier in his career. This CD exemplifies Johnson’s versatility and brilliant interpretive skills and will engage listeners with his signature jazz funk sound.

Marcus describes four of the standout songs on this album on his website.  The album is available in all online stores.