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Under The Lake – Old Friends, New Grooves

173001432_135169451947488_3670372575155240217_nCan you imagine that Old Friends, New Grooves (2021) is already the sixth album of the formation Under The Lake? The release that started it all was Dive In (1993), soon followed by Up For Air (1995). After a long hiatus the group re-established again to People Together (2017), Jazz, Groove & Attitude (2018), and Your Horizon Too (2020).

All albums are still available at bandcamp. Founder of the group is keyboard player Jayson Tipp. Further band members are like on the previous album Patrick Yandall (guitar), Quintin Gerard W (sax and flute), Nathan Brown (bass) and Richard Sellers (drums). Around the Block will be the first single of the album, which is coming in July.

If you’re a frequent flyer, what could be more obvious than to write a piece about it. 7AM Flight Home is a song whose basic melody was created during a flight and what can develop from it can now be heard. Peppered with solos from the players, the piece gains momentum.

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Under The Lake – Old Friends, New Grooves

173001432_135169451947488_3670372575155240217_nUnder The Lake is a project by Jayson Tipp (keyboardist, songwriter and producer). The debut album was Dive In (1993), followed by Up For Air (1995), People Together (2007) and Jazz, Groove & Attitude (2018).

Hot off the success of their 2020 Top 100 release “Your Horizon Too”, Under The Lake is releasing a collection of 11 all-new, original tracks entitled “Old Friends, New Grooves” dropping July 2 on the Mind In Overdrive label. Bassist Nathan Brown, drummer Richard Sellers, guitarist Patrick Yandall and sax player Quintin Gerard W. join keyboardist / composer Jayson Tipp again for this effort. Last March the funk-jazz crew released their 5th album and were readying for promotions and touring. Then the COVID 19 shutdown happened.

For bandleader Tipp, the shutdown began on March 12, 2020 after 9 months of flying across the country on a weekly basis with a “7 AM Flight Home” from Los Angeles to Portland: “As is the case is occasionally when I have time alone to think, I had a musical idea; a portion of a melody line that came to me on that flight. I sang the line into the voice recorder on my phone. That weekend I pulled up the recording, transcribed and then recorded a brief version of the melody. That melody later became the song named for the flight.”
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