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Jashaun Peele – No Boundaries

No BoundariesJashaun Peele is an Associate Professor of Mathematics at William Peace University, a private four-year university located in downtown Raleigh. Beside his day job he builds his career as saxophonist. Watch his interview at Youtube.

We welcome him with his debut album No Boundaries. Feeling happy, fun, loving, and passionate all at the same time? That is what you can expect from this album. From upbeat to slow melodic tunes you can expect to be taken on a musical journey! Grab this album now for your listening pleasure! Get it at CDBaby.

Eric Bolvin – No Boundaries

Award-winning composer & arranger, Eric Bolvin serves up some very tasty trumpet on his newest release Late Night Call from his forthcoming album, No Boundaries. This romantic and sexy track has everything solid urban jazz needs these days to race to the top of the charts: an easy flowing, bubbling bassline, a thoughtful and graceful melody, soaring horn textures behind the lead melody line and sweet synth atmospheres. The gently charming Late Night Call is smack dab in the middle of a unique palette of musical pleasures that will challenge fans of this vibe to explore new musical territory with Bolvin.

With this new release, Eric artfully demonstrates his versatility and perfectly embodies a spirit most independent artists wish they could access. That is, instead of trying to tailor all their tracks to be as accessible and radio friendly as possible, he finds a unique way to mix the mainstream with the adventurous, creating a listening experience completely connected to the unexpected. Eric’s lush, soulful horn playing is sure to keep audiences engaged from start to finish.

No Boundaries is something to explore at CDBaby.