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Katja Rieckermann – Never Stand Still

NeverStandStillNever Stand Still is the title of Katja’s 3rd studio album. Currently she is on tour with Rod Stewart for the last 13 years. The album was produced by Grammy nominated producer Jeff Carruthers and Katja Rieckermann.

Talented and sexy Katja Rieckermann celebrates the release of her newest CD Never Stand Still. The idea for Never Stand Still was born in january 2014 during a lunch with producer Jeff Carruthers. The vision was to create an instrumental version of “Amy Winehouse’s Rehab”, basically 70s music inspired by artists like The Temptations, Sam Cooke and Jr. Walker and the AllStars. Within the following 2 months Katja and Jeff ended up writing 11 tunes. “Ideas just kept coming at me” says Katja, which she then took to Jeff and he polished them.

The next step was an Indiegogo campaign to help raise funds for the making of the CD which was very successful and made it possible for Katja and Jeff to take some of LA’s best musicians to the some of the best studios in Los Angeles. Great artists like Joe Bonamassa and Arturo Sandoval gave the honor of a guest appearance. Now, a year later, the CD is finally done and will be released on HornStar Records.

The album is available under Soul-Jazz at CDBaby.