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Kenny Wright Experience – My Roots

Bass player Kenny Wright is since a long time an in-demand musician in the music business. His solo albums are Fresh Focus (1993), Comin’ at Ya (1995), Bottle of Wine (1998), Herbie, Miles and me (2006) and My Roots (2010).

He has performed with such legends as Stevie Wonder, The Whispers, Michael White, The Temptation’s Review, Supremes, Bobbi Humphey and others. Kenny and his backup band, Fresh Groove, have been busy opening for such acts as Gladys Knight, Kim Waters, Walter Beasley, and others.

He recently explained in an interview his motifs, his biography and influences quite openly. Characteristic for this independent artist are these sentences: “If You have money, you can buy a producer, hire excellent sidemen and pay for promotion. I have never had any of those luxuries. But I am confident that I have created some things musically that will outlive me, and for me that’s what I set out to do.”

Here you have the seldom opportunity to meet a truthful musician, who stands by his restricted opportunities and still releases his music against all odds. Kenny recorded his new album with fellow musicians like Charlie Etzel (keyboards), Wendall Shepherd (trumpet), Maynard Parker (guitar), Eric Kennedy (drums), Debbie Poole (vocals), Robert Rucks (strings), Jacob Yoffe (sax), and Kevin Porter (guitar). Kenny plays on this album six string bass, guitar, percussion and programming.

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Kenny Wright Experience – My Roots

The smooth sounds of the Kenny Wright Experience have long been among the mainstay “must hear” jazz sounds in the mid-Atlantic region, drawing ordinary fans and aficionados alike for over 30 years. A nationally recognized bandleader, innovator, and jazz orchestrator whose R &B musical roots date back to the late ’60s, composer Kenny Wright also just happens to be one of the most gifted bass players in America.

Year in and year out, his faithful fans converge from far and wide-among them noted jazzologist, Branford Marsallis, who has been known to go out of his way to track Kenny down whenever he visits Washington. Opting for Wright’s brilliantly improvised versions of jazz standards as well as his cutting-edge solo compositions, Marsallis counts himself among Wrights most loyal followers.

Kenny Wright has performed with such legends as Stevie Wonder, The Whispers, Jazz violinist Michael White, The Temptation Review and Supremes. His music has drawn national attention, having received heavy radio air play in numerous markets as well as the commercial relationships with DMX national cable system network, Muzak Audio, Tru-Sonic Music Services, Pump Audio and numerous other music services.

His new album My Roots (2010) offers fresh contemporary jazz combining hot improvisation with funk, fusion blend.  Find Kenny Wright’s roots at CDBaby.