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Joonas Kreen – My Luvly Hammock

My Luvly HammockOn his debut album, Joonas mixes jazz, instrumental hip hop, as well as elements of downtempo and dance music. While having a few upbeat and slightly more groove-based songs, My Luvly Hammock consists mainly of relaxed and delightful instrumentals. Often drawing their life from simple jazz-based melodies, those songs combine acoustic guitar and saxophone playing with smooth hip hop beats and electronic sounds. It is emotional, yet minimal – a mellow album of positive vibes.

My Luvly Hammock can also be described as a meditative or a reflective album, which is a characteristic common to most Joonas’s music. The simple melodies often work like rites, which may take the mind on a symbolic journey. Perhaps this is also the reason why some listeners have claimed this music to be well suitable companion for car rides, or for ‘being on the way’. Such virtue surfaces also in the quiet lullaby “Smalu”, that captures the soul of drifting along while leaving all effort behind. The natural sound of sea waves and the echoing guitar in the background set a unique and soothing atmosphere. The repetitive and abstract lyrics strengthen the somewhat shamanistic quality of the song furthermore.

While the balance between pure instrumental and vocal-based songs on My Luvly Hammock veers towards instrumentals, 6 of the songs feature singing or spoken text as well. This offers a breath of fresh air to those instrumental hip hop ‘aficionado’-s, who are happy to hear some vocals as well.

Another aspect of this record is its stylistic duality: some tracks veer more towards jazz, while others rely more heavily on electronic music influences. “My Luvly Hammock”, “Takeoff”, and “Invitation” are three of the tracks with graceful mood and dense instrumentation, common to the genres of downtempo or trip hop. On the other hand, songs like “Moon or The Other”, “Heavenly Phone Booth”, and “Split Waters” carry a stronger sense of smooth jazz with their distinct melodies and simple instrumental solos.

All in all, My Luvly Hammock is an inspiring, joyous, and delightful album, with a cheerful and effortless atmosphere. We found this little gem at CDBaby.