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Michael J. Thomas – Stream’n Love

By his senior year in high school, Michael J. Thomas was performing in the All-State Jazz Band and was honored with a John Philip Sousa Award. He earned a music scholarship to the University of Kentucky, but left school early to pursue his professional career. Thomas was 19 when he joined the Jive Rockets, which opened for the Brian Setzer Orchestra, Big Bad Voo Doo Daddy, and Bill Haley’s Original Comets. While gaining a foothold in contemporary urban jazz since moving to Destin, Florida.

His debut album City Beat was released in 2010. The song Amante Del Vino taken from this album is weaved into the plot of the movie Contagion, starring Matt Damon, Gweneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet. Driven is his sophomore album and was released in 2017 on Harbor Breeze Records. His newest album is Stream’n Love (2020).

His new album is available on Michael’s website.


Michael J Thomas – Driven

Saxophonist Michael J. Thomas earned his first merits as a member of the Jive Rockets. In 2010 he debuted his solo career with the album City Beat. The song Amante Del Vino taken from this album is weaved into the plot of the movie Contagion, starring Matt Damon, Gweneth Paltrow, and Kate Winslet.

Driven is his sophomore album and was just released on Harbor Breeze Records. Michael has written all the tracks, in part with other musicians. “I decided that this would be a passion project for me more than trying to write music that fits the traditional model,” explains Destin, Florida-based Thomas.

Michael performs on this album soprano, alto and tenor saxophones, and vocals. Additional supporting musicians are Shannon Wallace (guitar, percussion, horn arrangement), Oli Silk (keys/synths, strings, percussion, bass programming), Eric Lampley (bass, horn arrangements), Omari Williams and Frank “Third” Richardson (drums), Trammel Starks (keys/synths, strings, percussion), Gino Rosaria (keys/synths), Andre Forbes (keys/synths, strings, horn arrangements), Paul Scurto (trumpet), Mark James and Chris Blackwell (guitar) and Joseph Patrick Moore (bass).

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Michael J. Thomas – Driven

No sophomore slump for contemporary jazz-pop artist Michael J. Thomas, who released his second album, Driven, on Friday on the Harbor Breeze Records imprint. The ten-song set burst out of the gate jolted by a wave of national airplay for the first single, “Baby Coffee,” earning Billboard most-added honors in its debut week followed by an add at SiriusXM’s Watercolors, leading the saxophonist-vocalist to sign a distribution deal for the project with Perry Music Group/Sony Music.

It’s been seven years since Thomas issued his instrumental debut album, “City Beat,” and six years since he made his vocal debut with the infectious standalone single “I Think About Amy,” which peaked at No. 16 on the Billboard chart after a remix by two-time Grammy winner Paul Brown. “Driven” is his first collection to combine sax-led soul-jazz instrumentals and R&B-pop vocal tunes that showcase a voice that programmers and reviewers have compared to Michael Jackson and George Michael. It’s a varied, exhilarating session written and produced by Thomas and longtime collaborator Shannon Wallace with additional tracks produced by Oli Silk, Trammell Starks and Music Man Dre Forbes.

“I got the bug to record a new album in 2014. I hadn’t written anything new in a while and all of these melodies and lyrics were hitting me. However, the songs didn’t all fit into one genre, but I recorded them anyway. I decided that this would be a passion project for me more than trying to write music that fits the traditional model,” said the Destin, Florida-based Thomas, who is submitting “Driven” for Grammy nomination consideration. “I titled the album after one of the pop-oriented songs I wrote that has to do with staying driven and motivated to compete.” Continue reading

Various Artists – 9 Mile Road

9MileRoad9 Mile Road is a great compilation album which features an array of successful singles from current Woodward Avenue Records recording artists as well as our new recording artists on the label. This album is truly a multi-genre treat that reflects the way most people like to listen to music. Different artists and different sounds, but all great music. Artists featured on the album are Paul Brown, Jonathan Fritzen, Andre Delano, Joey Navarro, Tierra, Grace Kelly, Nate Najar, Michael J. Thomas, Melba Moore, Orrick Ewing, Sara Wasserman and “313 The D.”

Track Listing
1. Help Yourself (vocal) – Andre Delano
2. The Funky Joint – Paul Brown
3. Sweet Sweet Baby – Grace Kelly
4. “313 The D” – Detroit 141
5. Strawberry Moon – Joey Navarro
6. On My Own – David Lukens
7. Midnight Groove – Nate Najar
8. Groove Me – Nate Najar feat. Melba Moore
9. SWAG – Orrick Ewing
10. I Think About Amy – Michael J. Thomas
11. Friday Night – Jonathan Fritzen
12. Love Sneakin’ Up On You – Nate Najar feat. Sara Wasserman
13. Take You There – Tierra
14. Help Yourself (instrumental) – Andre Delano

Michael J Thomas – City Beat

Those, who lead us to believe that smooth jazz is something for the older generation, fail to notice the large crowd of young musicians, which are keen to entertain the audience. Out of this overwhelming legion of new musicians I pick today Michael J Thomas. Once a member of the Jive Rockets, he joined the smooth jazz genre after moving to Destin, Florida in 1999.

City Beat, Michael’s debut album, is scheduled for release March 2nd on Harbor Breeze Records. Produced by Shannon Wallace and Michael J Thomas the new album deserves a comprehensive reflection. Michael is supported by Jonathan Davis (drums & percussion), Eric Lampley (bass), Diki Ross (keyboards), Shannon Wallace (guitar), and Paul Scurto (trumpet).

The journey starts in Midtown Manhattan not in a bombastic way but with a superb elegance, which is a good sign for Michael’s sincerity as a professional musician. Michael don’t just play the melody but tries to interprets the interrelation of the complete theme.

Sure, as a young musician Michael follows his idols like Dave Koz, Richard Elliot or Boney James, but City Beat shows it up, Michael does it with accurateness. Have we anything to offer our guests? The romantic Wedding Song (Forever Always) for countless matrimonies. I have to admit, Shannon Wallace can play his guitar!

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Michael J Thomas – City Beat

Growing up in Cecilia, Kentucky, a small town outside of Elizabethtown, Michael J Thomas was surrounded by country music, which easily could have become his muse. Instead his parents reared him on a steady diet of Stevie Wonder, Earth, Wind & Fire and Prince. Thus the saxophonist-songwriter learned how to write potent pop hooks set amidst funky and soulful R&B grooves. Thomas wrote or co-wrote all but one song for City Beat, his debut album, which will be released March 2nd on Harbor Breeze Records. Shannon Wallace produced the record with Thomas. Celebrating the vibrant energy and excitement of the city, the title track will preface the album release at radio, which was serviced the single in pursuit of advance airplay.

City Beat is an instrumental R&B-pop collection that chronicles Thomas’ joyful discovery, eager exploration and adventurous wanderings in sprawling metropolises such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and Bangkok, Thailand. Sophisticatedly cool and cosmopolitan, Midtown Manhattan opens the album on which Thomas wields a tenor, alto and soprano sax. A gorgeous melody laid over the pitter-patter of a gentle brushed drum beat, Wedding Song (Forever Always) poignantly pledges eternal love.

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