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Mark Adams – I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Baltimore born jazz pianist Mark Adams had the great fortune to grow up in a musical household. In earlier years he was taught by his mother, a former music instructor. A musical director, teacher, composer and foremost a musician of his own Mark debuted in 2001 with his groundbreaking album Asceticism, followed by Feel the Groove (2007), Something’s Going On (2009), Embellishments (2011), Conversations (2012) and Love and Dance (2016).

His newest project bears the strange title I Forgot to Remember to Forget (2018). Mark performs on the new album piano, keyboards, Rhodes piano and Mini Moog. Further musicians are Trevor P. Allen (bass, producer), Jason Patterson, JT Lewis, Gintas Tanusonis, Chris DeCarmine, Camile Gainer (drums), Bendji Allonce (percussion), Abdul Zuhri (guitar), Sophia Nicole, Jonathan Quash (vocals), Gerald Thomas (sax, flutes), Joe Porcelli (trumpet, flugelhorn), Andre Atkins (trombone), Ron Carter, Donald Nicks, Gerald Lindsey, Curtis Morrison, Dave Jones (bass), Waldron Ricks (trumpet), Bill White, Larry Tamanini (guitar), Robert Meeks (keys and programming), vibes & vocals Roy Ayers.

With Woke Mark builds the first musical circle of magic with a sophisticated horn arrangement and refined piano playing. Fight the Good Fight features rapper Leonard in a breathless, evocative song. I Forgot to Remember to Forget serves a sonic alternative with singer Sophia Nicole which, however, can shine more with the harmonious song structure than with detailed lyrics.

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Mark Adams – I Forgot to Remember to Forget

Clever tongue twister aside, keyboardist, composer and renowned music educator Mark Adams draws on his mile long jazz/R&B resume (Erykah Badu, Queen Latifah, Maysa, Ronnie Laws, Roy Ayers) to infuse his genre-transcendent latest album I Forgot to Remember to Forget with deeply joyful eclecticism. He’s got it all – fanciful urban jazz/funk, hip-hop, a touch of big band brass, old school soul-jazz, vibrant Latin fun and deeply felt blues. Traditional jazz fans are also invited to the party, which includes dynamic guest appearances by Ayers and legendary bassist Ron Carter.

This collection runs the gamut of musical styles from instrumental jazz to R&B to Latin jazz and hip- hop! For the listeners who crave diversity and a wide musical palette, this is the record for you on CDBaby!

Mark Adams – Love & Dance

lovendanceWhen your performance credits include the likes Roy Ayers, Hugh Masekela, Eryka Badu, Bobbie Humphrey, Maysa, Ronnie Laws and legendary bassist Ron Carter, great things are expected of you. Keyboardist Mark Adams lives up to those expectations with the upcoming release of his new CD Love and Dance , featuring the sexy radio single “Silk Dress”, written and produced by Gerey Johnson. For those who don’t know, Gerey co-wrote the smooth jazz classic “When I Think of you” with Brian Culbertson and saxophonist Steve Cole for Steve’s debut album.

Mark has previously recorded 3 CDs under his own name, “Asceticism”, “Feel The Groove”, and “Embellishments” but feels this CD release “Love and Dance” is his most exciting to date. The CD also has some of contemporary jazz’s top players Gerey Johnson, guitars and Marqueal Jordan on sax (both currently touring with Brian Culbertson), Lamar Jones (bassist with Culbertson and Nick Collionne), Casey Benjamin (Robert Glasper) and jazz “newcomer “ Quinn Anderson on drums. The project was produced by Mark Adams and Gerey Johnson.

The new CD “Love and Dance” pushes the boundaries of contemporary jazz with songs like “Silk Dress”, “Love?” And “Goodbye” which appeals to the “grown and sexy” side of the smooth jazz listener, the urban seasoned vocal songs “Never a Fool”, featuring Cassandra Thompson and “Nica’s Dream with Jonathan Quash and a funky take on John Coltrane’s “Giant Steps”. “Dance if you’re Sexy” and “Feel the Groove” pretty much says it all. Co-produced by house music master Jerry McAllister, “Dance if you’re Sexy” features hot grooves, sexy melodies and ‘blazing” guitar solos from Gerey Johnson. “Define Me Not” provides an intelligent and inspirational spoken word piece you want to listen to over and over again.

Love & Dance is available at Mark’s website store.

Mark Adams – Conversations

Baltimore, Maryland born jazz pianist Mark Adams is currently a published author and professor at York College (CUNY), where he teaches music theory as well as beginning and advanced piano techniques. As composer and musician he has already released five albums: Asceticism, Feel The Groove, Something’s Going On, Embellishments and Conversations (2012).

On his newest project he is accompanied by Donald Nicks (bass), Dennis Davis and Stephen Roberson (drums), Casey Benjamin (EWI, sax), Dave Ernst (additional keys), Dominic James (guitar), Ashley Horn, Larissa Blitz, Stan Hunte (violins), and some more.

New Beginnings nicely introduces into Mark Adams’ piano mastery. Adam Says reveals his influences like Herbie Hancock or Joe Sample. An attentive listener recognizes a variety of quotations from famous artists.

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Mark Adams – Conversations

ConversationsConversations by Mark Adams is a very exciting album. The piano virtuoso’s exciting and gregarious recordings shows an ivory command that is captivating. Impressing with a playful and melodic, elegant Funk style reminiscent of Alex Bugnon and Bob Baldwin, Adams is all joy on thumpy, elegant gems like ‘New Beginnings’ and ‘Conversations,’ which feature lively, busy arrangements and an obvious sense of traditional Jazz. Adams’ commitment to tossing his straight-ahead influence into the pop mix is very refreshing. This is a Soul/Jazz release that anyone will be able to enjoy.

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Mark Adams – Something’s Going On

Mark Adams is a worldly jazz & soul jazz seasoned artist. This prominent jazz pianist’s third release, Something’s Going On, produced with Roy Ayers is a gumbo of R&B, soul and the purest jazz for the soul (Soul Jazz). Mark has worked with some of the finest artist in the industry such as the wonderful jazz icon Roy Ayers, Ronnie Laws, Wayne Henderson, Jean Carne, Lonnie Liston Smith, Bobbi Humphrey, Jon Lucien, Tom Brown, Angela Bofil, Zachary Breaux, Mikki Howard, Lela Hathaway, Ron Carter, Hugh Masekela, Chico Freeman, Eddie Henderson, The Brooklyn Funk Essentials, Savion Glover, Dave Valentine, Noel Pointer and Tito Puente.

The Soul Jazz Experience is a precious collection of America’s rawest art form that has expanded to create new horizons in this beautiful, note genre of self-expression while preserving the seeds and roots of improvisation. This is Mark’s homage to those incredibly talented and courageous pioneers who made the blueprints for all music labeled as jazz. Add Jazz with a dash of hip-hop, a pinch of R&B and a whole lot of soul to create a sound to caress the senses and tantalize the soul….while keeping the true essence of Jazz in tact.  Taste Something’s Going On at CDBaby.