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Main Gazane – Tit for Tat

Main Gazane is a jazz term, which is so seldom used that I even couldn’t Google it. Well, Main Gazane means main man or main thing and that’s the reason why Mark Minchello and Bob Magnuson chose the name for their band.

The group had appearances in the smooth jazz world with their albums Lightening Strikes (2004), Imagine (2007) and Hip Space (2007). Already in 1985 Main Gazane signed a record contract with John Hammond Records. This was the same John Hammond who had previously signed Bessie Smith, Billie Holiday and Bruce Springsteen. CBS had given Mr. Hammond his own label after four decades of success.

The first album never reached daylight, because the only Contemporary Jazz radio station in New York changed to Country music overnight with no warning and the record label folded. Today’s many smooth jazz radio stations have changed their format, but musicians are still releasing music in this genre.

Probably radio stations have lost their importance for the music market or is it the courage born of desperation? Anyway, Main Gazane have just released their new album Tit for Tat (2010). The album was created by Mark Minchello (piano & Keyboards) and Bob Magnuson (sax, woodwinds & wind synth) and the additional musicians Brent Carter (vocals on Rock Steady) and Kenny Davis (bass). With the exception of three covers Mark has written all compositions.

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Main Gazane – Tit For Tat

Main Gazane, an old jazz term meaning my “main man” or my “main thing” is a new contemporary jazz group made up of keyboardist Mark Minchello and multi instrumentalist Bob Magnuson.

Mark Minchello is no stranger to the smooth jazz world. He started his career by touring with Luther Vandross and has since gone on to work with many other Jazz and R&B greats. He has most recently been serving as musical director for R&B Diva Regina Belle. He has also been keyboardist/musical director for two Jazz Explosion Tours featuring Boney James, Will Downing, Gerald Albright, Vesta and Regina Belle. He has recently produced smooth jazz trumpeter Gordon James featuring Chuck Loeb and Slide Hampton.

Bob Magnuson is a fixture on the New York studio scene. He has performed on countless radio and TV commercials. He has been featured on CDs by Patti Austin, Whitney Houston, Phobe Snow and B.B. King. He most recently has been touring with the 3 MO TENORS and Broadway R&B diva Jennifer Holiday. Not only is Bob proficient on all the woodwinds but he also excels on the electronic wind synthesizer.

Their newest album is entitled Tit For Tat and features 10 originals and 3 covers. The covers include Billy Ocean’s Caribbean Queen, Rolls Royce’s Wishin On A Star and The Whispers Rock Steady. The CD is a funky mixture featuring piano & sax. This is the fourth CD from the duo of Mark Minchello (keys) and Bob Magnuson (sax). The music is acessible yet engaging often referred to as smooth jazz with an edge. Tit For Tat is now available at CDBaby.