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Lowell Hopper – Magic In The Air

Hailing from Panama City guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Lowell Hopper has started his solo career in 1995 with the album Invisible Touch. Since several years he nearly release every year a new album. His newest project is Magic In The Air (2019).

Lowell plays on this album guitars, basses, keyboards and drum programming. He is supported on selected tracks by Chris Godber (tenor sax), Derek Burrell (electric bass) and G. Vernon Burrell Jr. (additional keyboards). Lowell has composed all tracks with the exception of Tropical Feeling which he has written together with G. Vernon Burrell Jr., who also plays keyboards on this tune.

Lowell Hopper introduces into his new project with Magic In The Air featuring popular riffs and hooks perfectly embedded in a sophisticated instrumental environment. Just Like That compels the listener to finger snipping with his gentle guitar performance.

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Lowell Hopper – Magic In The Air

Panama City, Florida based guitarist Lowell Hopper is a bassist, keyboardist, composer, producer and has a lot of music to offer. His solo albums encompass Bay View (1993), Invisible Touch (1995), Live in Panama (1997), Live on the Beach (1999), Sweet Licks (2009), In The Moment (2011), A New Direction (2013), A Touch Of Sunshine (2014), Soulful Feeling (2014), Groove Maker (2015), Early Days Vol. 1 (2016), Between The Lines (2016), Playing It Cool (2016), Forward Motion (2017), and Delayed Reaction (2018).

His new album Magic In The Air is a colorful blend of crisp electric guitars, jubilant bass, haunting melodies, and fresh beats! Guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Lowell Hopper’s Magic in the Air is packed with a rich selection of funky grooves and soulful jazz tracks.

This album is just now available for download only at CDBaby.