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Mads Tolling Quartet – Celebrating Jean-Luc Ponty

A few decades ago, when I first began to grow as a jazz listener, I recall a friend saying that he likes jazz but couldn’t get used to “Jean-Luc Ponty and that violin.” At the time, I was barely aware of Ponty, but I agreed. So used to the notion that violins belonged in a symphony orchestra, it was difficult to appreciate it as a lead instrument in jazz.

That attitude changed over the years, with increased exposure to Stephane Grappelli, Karen Briggs and, of course, Mr. Ponty. So by the first time I saw the name Mads Tolling in a CD liner, I was ready to accept his violin as a key component of the music I was about to listen to. Now, when I see his name, I expect an enjoyable experience.

Celebrating Jean-Luc Ponty by the Mads Tolling Quartet (Madsman Records, 2012), recorded live at Yoshi’s in Oakland, California, is exactly that. From the opening notes of “Lila’s Dance” to the conclusion of “Pontyfication,” this is a fine example of the two-time Grammy winner’s expertise. Also on the recording are guitarist Mike Abraham, bassist George Ban-Weiss and drummer Eric Garland.

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