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Lowell Hopper – A Touch of Sunshine

A Touch of SunshinePanama City, Florida-based guitarist LOWELL HOPPER has a distinct bluesy-jazz style that in some aspects resembles his guitar heroes–Wes Montgomery, BB King, and Carlos Santana. Besides playing electric and classical guitars, Lowell is well versed on keyboards, four- and five-string electric basses, and produces as well.

Growing up in Bassett, Virginia, Lowell Hopper was introduced to music at an early age. He would often listen to his father play the acoustic guitar and sing around their house. Lowell began playing guitar at age 6, and was playing with blues bands in night clubs by age 15. While attending North Carolina A&T University, Lowell joined the A&T Jazz Ensemble where he was greater exposed to the jazz standards. After leaving A&T, Lowell toured with “the Majors” for two years, a rhythm and blues show band that was well-known in the South during the seventies.

Although his main interest still lies in producing, Lowell continues to perform live very often. He has released seven CDs: “Bay View” in 1993, “Invisible Touch” in 1995, “Live in Panama” in 1997, “Live on the Beach” in 1999, “Sweet Licks” in 2009, “In The Moment” in 2011, and “A New Direction” in 2013.

Jazz guitarist Lowell Hopper’s “A Touch of Sunshine” is packed with a rich selection of smooth instrumental jazz, funky grooves, and a blend of soulful melodies. Let the sun on you at CDBaby.

Lowell Hopper – A New Direction

A New DirectionUnique style is a hybrid of the classic guitar sound of his legendary jazz guitar forefathers Wes Montgomery and George Benson combined with today’s modern funk grooves and bass lines laced with smooth and modern cool. Your ears and your heart will celebrate hearing the unique, smooth sounds of Lowell Hopper. Lowell is a talented multi-instrumentalist, who also writes, arranges, produces, engineers, and performs his own music. Although primarily a jazz guitarist, Lowell is well-versed on keyboards and performs regularly as a bassist in jazz/funk bands in northern Florida.

With A New Direction Lowell gives his signal at CDBaby.