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Kwame Prince Kese – Rainy Day

Kwame Prince Kese has already released two albums Moving Forward in 2013 and Lady Marva in 2014. His new album is called Rainy Day. Kame comments: “This is an album i want to uplift people who are down so i way lift their heads up and say there is hope.”

Rainy Day has arrived on CDBaby.


Kwame Prince Kese – Lady Marva

Lady MarvaLady Marva is the second album by pianist Kwame Prince Kese. Kwame’s music is here to give hope for ages, from young to old, male and female and all nationalities across the globe. The music he has composed will keep our spirits uplifted and encouraged. Lets be sure to share these beautiful melodies for all generations to come.

Listen to the mesmerizing music at CDBaby.

Kwame Prince Kese – Moving Forward

Completely untrained, no formal education, full of passion for music and life, Kwame has single handedly produced this beautiful album. We must support this artist, the world needs to hear his musical voice!

Kwame Prince Kese presents his album Moving Forward at CDBaby.

Kwame Prince Kese – Moving Forward

Moving ForwardKwame about his album : “This is my debut album featuring Smooth Jazz. Being a professional musician for the last 25 years, I am hoping this album will showcase my artistic versatility.”

Moving Forward is available at CDBaby.