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Kathy Sanborn – Small Galaxy

Singer-songwriter Kathy Sanborn’s musical goal was to create the feel-good album of 2010, and many contemporary music fans believe she’s succeeded with her new release, Small Galaxy. The cheerful tunes of  Small Galaxy are infectious and fresh. From tap-your-feet tracks like the title song,  Small Galaxy to the inspirational Himalaya, the new album shines with positive vibes. Be Coolin’ is a tropical laid-back pleasure, while Catalunya Breeze captures romance on the Mediterranean Sea. Catch the Wave is a funky, feel-good ride, featuring trumpeter extraordinaire Wayne Ricci.

So how does the songstress feel about producing the “feel-good album of 2010“? Says Sanborn, “I’m glad that Small Galaxy inspires people and makes them happy. Music is a powerful force for change, and I’m excited when people say my songs have made a positive difference in their lives. Believe me, it makes it all worthwhile.”

Source: Pacific Coast Jazz