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Julian Vaughn – Breakthrough

Kansas City bass guitarist, Julian Vaughn released his new album Breakthrough on Trippin ‘N’ Rhythm Records on August 14. The talented young player got his start in music playing the drums in his church before switching to the bass when he was 15. Julian released his first album, The Purpose Project, in 2010 and got some help on the effort from ace producer and saxophonist Darren Rahn and bass player Mel Brown, who played with Wayman Tisdale before his death. Vaughn plans to celebrate the release of the album with a CD release party this Friday in Kansas City at the Negro Leagues Baseball Museum.

Breakthrough is brought to life through the hands of one of the formats per-eminent and skilled producers Darren Rahn, whose brilliant touch has resulted in chart topping Billboard hits for the likes of Dave Koz, Eric Darius and the late and beloved Wayman Tisdale. Playing lead bass makes it all but inevitable that comparisons be made to Tisdale, an artist that through his music confirmed to Vaughn that this was the path that he wanted to follow, but that’s where the comparisons end. Vaughn has folded the influences of Tisdale, Stanley Clark and others in to his own unique thumping, ground pounding, soul laced signature that will send a strong signal to the world that he has arrived.

The format classic in waiting ‘On Your Feet’ will do as the title suggests, get you up and moving and with titles like ‘Jubilant’, ‘No Matter’ and the title track, Vaughn is prepped to usher in a new attitude, vibrancy and positivity that is sure to pump some much needed life into the contemporary jazz blood and lead the youth brigade as it molds the shape and sound of the next evolution.

Julian Vaughn – The Purpose Project

The unique stylings of solo bassist Julian Vaughn are born of a love for the smooth jazz genre. The Kansas City native takes from his historic surroundings, long known for its important contributions to jazz, and adds his youthful yet soulful style to create his debut CD entitled The Purpose Project.

Vaughn is a self-taught bass player. Born March 3, 1980 the musician grew up in the church where his grandfather pastored until turning over the reins to Vaughn’s father. Like other kids at the church, he began his music career playing the drums, but says, “Trying to play the drums at church was like ten football players going after a fumble. Everyone wanted to play.”

Years went by and the fight over the drums got old. At 15 Vaughn decided to try a different instrument. He picked up a bass guitar that another man in his church was playing and immediately fell in love. This was truly love at first sight. Vaughn was blessed with the ability to play by ear. He soon discovered how to play songs and special techniques.

One day Vaughn found his father’s Najee cassette “Tokyo Blue.” He listened, this was the first time he had heard smooth jazz, and fell in love again. He was hooked. To this day “Tokyo Blue” remains his favorite jazz recording.

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