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Jim Richter – Mr. Kool

The “Mr. Kool” album represents a continuation of the type of music that Jim Richter has been writing for several years. Jim’s last album, “Breezy Day,” made it into the Top 100 on the Smooth Jazz Album and Smooth Jazz “Indie” charts in 2019. Jim’s latest, “Mr. Kool,” isn’t traditional jazz, nor is it purely smooth jazz. There are even a few hints of instrumental rock in the style of Steely Dan. The album features jazzy guitar, keyboard, and sax solos. The music is in Jim’s original style based on his background in classical music, jazz, and rock. Listeners will be able to hear echoes of Larry Carlton, Lee Ritenour, Bob James, and Dave Grusin, among others.

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Jim Richter – Breezy Day

Jim Richter comes from a musical family, so it was expected that he would study music beginning at a young age.  From 1970-1974 he was a member of Cradle, an originals band in New England. They wrote some good songs, but they never got the big break they hoped for, so they went their separate ways. Although he pursued a career outside of music, he never stopped making music. He continued to play piano and guitar, and he played in numerous bands over the years. In 2013, he decided to focus on music again on a full time basis. Since then, he has released three albums: “Summer’s Gone,” Metamorphosis,” and Breezy Day.” He hopes that you’ll check them out!

Breezy Day is after Jim’s own words a melodic album of jazzy instrumentals in the style of Steely Dan and Larry Carlton, featuring keyboard and guitar solos.

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