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Jeff Kashiwa – Sunrise

JK_SunriseCover800Seattle native, Jeff Kashiwa knew he was destined to be a musician following his junior high introduction to woodwinds. His instincts were correct. He became known as one of the most compelling young saxophonists in contemporary jazz during his first year with The Rippingtons. Kashiwa performed hundreds of shows all over the world and appeared on many of the band’s classic recordings.

Having established himself in the 1990’s as one of the most diverse saxmen in contemporary jazz during his decade long tenure with The Rippingtons, Kashiwa’s instincts led him to more dynamic endeavors through his solo career. It surprised many when Jeff left the group to venture out on his own, but he had things to say through his own music. Kashiwa now has eleven CDs released under his own name and has continued to record as a guest artist with many other artists as well. In 2004, Kashiwa founded The Sax Pack, a trio of saxophone headliners, featuring himself, Steve Cole and Kim Waters. The group released two CDs together and charmed audiences with their Rat Pack style reparte’ in tours across the U.S. and abroad.

In 2006, Jeff reunited with The Rippingtons for their 20th Anniversary Tour and continues to record and tour with the group as often as his busy schedule will allow. In addition to touring with The Sax Pack and his own group, Kashiwa has expanded his career to include the realm of music education, teaching various courses through the music program at Shoreline Community College in Seattle.

His new album Sunrise brings hope for a new day. It is the beginning of new opportunities to experience and enjoy life. We hope that this music serves as a soundtrack for you today and many days ahead.

The album is available for pre-order here.

Jeff Kashiwa – Fly Away

Saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa will be always connected with the Rippingtons, although he already left the group in 1999 to concentrate on a solo career. This decision bore plenty of fruit with nine albums before he reunited with the Rippingtons in 2006 again. In 2004 he founded together with Steve Cole and Kim Waters The Sax Pack, a trio of saxophone headliners.

This month his tenth album Fly Away has been released. Jeff describes the new album as “a collection of songs that express the bittersweet awareness of how quickly time passes and in the same breath the excitement of what is to come as we travel the long road ahead.”

The project features the Coastal Access Band; Melvin Davis (bass), Allen Hinds (guitar), Dave Hooper (drums) and Mark Ellis Stephens and Dave Kochanski (keyboards). Furthermore friends/musicians are Marc Antoine (guitar), Tom Schuman (keys), Ricky Peterson on Hammond B3 Organ, guitarist Miles Gilderdale, Steve Reid, Ronnie Gutierrez, Ray Ysles and Brad Dutz (percussion) along with the late great Ricky Lawson on drums and many others. Jeff performs alto and tenor sax, flute, alto flute, clarinet and EWI.

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Jeff Kashiwa – Fly Away

Former member of the Rippingtons and creator of The Sax Pack, Jeff Kashiwa enters his third decade of solo recording with Fly Away, an emotionally impactful album whose songs alternately capture the bittersweet awareness of the passage of time and joyful optimism about the future. describes the album as balancing lilting, wistful reflections with flurries of exuberant soul-funk influenced jazz, Kashiwa – playing alto and tenor sax, flute, alto flute, clarinet and EWI – jams with his longtime band Coastal Access and brings extra punch to the project with guests like Marc Antoine, Tom Schuman, Miles Gilderdale, Steve Reid, Ronny Gutierrez, Ramon Yslas and the late Ricky Lawson. Kashiwa reminds us that while time seems to Fly Away, musical inspiration only grows sweeter with time. This album will be released July 15, 2017.

Jeff Kashiwa – Let It Ride

Let It RideGo with the flow. Trust your instincts. Let It Ride. Saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa uses that mindset with his session of all-original music (Native Language Records, 2012).

Though Kashiwa has released seven previous recordings as a solo artist, he is perhaps best known for his work with The Rippingtons. The release of Let It Ride coincides with a hectic tour schedule, in which Kashiwa is a featured soloist with the Rippingtons and a trio known as the Sax Pack. Several stars appear as guests, including Rippingtons guitarist Russ Freeman, Spyro Gyra keyboardist Tom Schuman and pianist David Benoit.

Kashiwa takes to the soprano sax and keyboard on “Stomp,” a piece that begins as if it’s going to of the electronica mode, but then quickly shifts to something more groove-oriented. Melvin Davis contributes a cool bass line, with other assistance by Chuck Loeb on guitar, Dave Hooper on drums and Ronnie Guitierrez on percussion. Kashiwa’s free-spirited lead carries the piece. Loeb gets to stretch out some toward the end.

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Jeff Kashiwa – Let It Ride

Rippingtons saxophonist Jeff Kashiwa returns to Native Language for his eighth solo project overall, a spirited and contemporary Let It Ride. Featuring a who’s who of special guests, including pianist David Benoit, Rippingtons guitarist Russ Freeman, Spyro Gyra keyboardist Tom Schuman, and guitarist Chuck Loeb.

Let It Ride is being released in between a hectic tour schedule as featured soloist for the Rippingtons and the Sax Pack, a sax trio supergroup he fronts with saxophonists Steve Cole and Marcus Anderson. His last few albums have all debuted Top 10 on Billboard’s Contemporary Jazz chart, and this album should be no different. Release date; August 21.

Here is the track listing:
1. Let It Ride (4:15)
2. Stomp (4:40)
3. Name Game (5:07)
4. Up (4:21)
5. One of These Days (4:48)
6. Hot Tin Roof (5:18)
7. When Will I Know? (4:13)
8. One More Day (5:41)
9. Follow Your Heart (5:11)
10. Sundance (5:49)

Hulon – First Impressions

A new saxophonist is on the rise in contemporary jazz. Hulon, who brings a fresh perspective on jazz with old-school style, will be releasing his debut CD, First Impressions. Produced by Jeff Kashiwa, this CD promises to be a delightful experience with hot grooves and romantic charm. First Impressions, is scheduled for release in early 2010.

When asked about this new CD and artist, Jeff Kashiwa said, “It’s every producer’s dream to come across an artist who has three qualities: drive to develop their unique voice, enthusiasm for creating music and passion to perform. Hulon posses all of these qualities. The music on his debut CD reflects many moods to showcase this emerging artist. From the retro soul of War’s “Cisco Kid”, to the romantic “Follow Me”, to the funk of “Sax Machine”, Hulon shows he has the stuff to keep you captivated. Enjoy Hulon’s debut CD!”

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