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Demetrius Corley – Jazzy, Funky & Blue

Jazzy, Funky & BlueDemetrius Corley‘s solo debut Jazzy, Funky & Blue on Black Iron Pot Records is a musical mix of Latin, Funk, R&B, Smooth Jazz, Vocal, Instrumental and soul. “Jazzy Funky & Blue” (J,F&B) features six original compositions composed and performed by Demetrius Corley.

The album opens with the Latin based vocal groove “Sophisticated Lady”. Sophisticated Lady tells the story of a first encounter between a man and a very classy sophisticated lady in a small cafe’ on a lovely spring day. Following Sophisticated Lady is “Are You Going With Me?” a bass heavy groove that takes the listener on a journey through the funky and the smooth then finally to a place that is reminiscent of that old school funk of yesteryear. The scene changes to the sound of easy listening “Champagne Jazz” in track 3 with “A Melody In Spring (A Melody for Mary), As you listen, the images of Spring will come to mind. Track #4 ask the question “Is It Love?” “Is It Love?” celebrates the moment when a man realizes that he has found his one and only love and he takes the giant step to reveal his truest feelings to lady he has come to love openly and honestly for the very 1st time. Next is “Time & Place” an instrumental that is written in 5/4 time signature; something all of you jazz fusion lovers might dig. Even though it’s composed in an irregular meter, it still holds true to the theme of Jazzy, Funky & Blue. The album concludes with “Lemonade & Shade” a gritty groove with a heavy dose of the elements of JF&B. Joining Demetrius on “Lemonade & Shade” is guitarist William “Bill” Lewis. Listen for his “pocket play” on the Fender Stratocastor on the back end of the track.

Jazzy, Funky & Blue is a secret hint at CDBaby.