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Various Artists – Jazz of Music City…1

When the conversation turns to music in “Music City” country music dominates the conversation. This CD was produced to demonstrate the fine, high quality jazz in Nashville Tennessee. Some of the nation’s finest jazz musicians live and play in Nashville. Once you experience the exotic feel of “I Wanna Fall in Love Forever,” or the rapture of “Winter” and the pulsations of the other tracks you will now understand the real scope of music in “Music City.” Radio stations, students, professionals love this CD. You will too. The wonderful music you will be exposed to promises that disappointment is NOT an option. (Peter Woolfolk, Executive Producer)

A compilation of the wide range and great jazz produced by exceptionally talented musicians in Nashville–Music City–Tennessee. This is music you will want to share with friends, family and anyone who enjoys great music. The music does not disappoint.

Jazz of Music City…1 is now on sale at CDBaby.