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Jason Miles – Kind of New 2: Blue is Paris

He performed with Miles Davis, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson and Luther Vandross. Keyboardist Jason Miles is integral part of music history. In numerous solo albums he has realized his vision of music.

Kind of New 2: Blue Is Paris is different. Some artists realize the widest range of styles in their album. Others pursue a permanent theme. Still others create a continuum of homogeneity. Jason Miles has a completely diverse concept.

Jason visited Paris in the weeks immediately following the 2015 terror attacks. Under the impression of this voyage he composed Blue Is Paris. He had the idea to write a follow-up to his previous album Kind of New (Whaling City Sound).

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Jason Miles – To Grover with Love / Live in Japan

Having musical idols is something normal for a musician. To perform with most of them is fortune, grace and bases certainly also on the skills of the artist. Keyboardist, arranger and producer Jason Miles is the perfect example for such a lucky high talented guy.

He performed and recorded with Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson, David Sanborn or Grover Washington Jr., to name a few. His intimate knowledge of these musicians has been reflected in numerous tribute albums.

But the music and the person of Grover Washington Jr. has especially not let him go. The homage albums To Grover with Love (2001) and 2 Grover With Love (2008) and the production of Grover Live (2010) come from his feather.

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Grover Washington Jr. – Grover Live

Godfather of today’s urban contemporary jazz scene, founder of the smooth jazz scene, creator of a new sound. There are many attributes, which are ascribed to Grover Washington Jr. Undeniable is his invaluable influence on a whole music generation.

Died of a sudden heart attack at age 56 on December 17, 1999, he left a rich legacy of music, which is still in our hearts. On the summit of his musical career he recorded on June 7, 1997 at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill, New York, Grover Live.

Produced by Jason Miles (Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Sting) this memorable concert of Grover Washington and his band mates Adam Holzman and Donald Robinson (keyboards and synthesizers), Gerald Veasley (electric bass), Richard Lee (guitar), Pablo Batista (percussion) and Steven Wolf (drums) is now available on an album of eighteen tracks.

The opener of the album Winelight transcends Grover’s phenomenal talent for improvisation and melody. Winelight (1980) was the album, which catapulted Grover into a status of a megastar shining over the whole contemporary jazz scene.

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Grover Washington Jr. – Grover Live

Grover Live, a new CD documenting the late, great Saxophonist Grover Washington Jr. in a 1997 concert with his touring band to be released on G Man Productions in May 18, 2010.

The godfather of today’s urban contemporary jazz scene, Grover Washington Jr., was one of the most popular and influential saxophonists of the ’70s and ’80s. And while he may have
paved the way for such easy-listening artists as Kenny G, Najee, George Howard and Gerald Albright, none of those popular saxophonists play with the chops and sheer intensity that Grover demonstrated on the bandstand from night to night throughout his career, which spanned three decades.

And as the newly discovered Grover Live demonstrates, the man was clearly on top of his game well in to the ’90s. Recorded on June 7, 1997 at the Paramount Center for the Arts in Peekskill, New York, Grover Live, produced by Jason Miles (Miles Davis, Luther Vandross, Sting), captures the consummate pro in concert and at the peak of his powers, blowing with unbridled conviction and a sense of risk-taking on a collection of his tunes spanning three decades.

From familiar hits like “Winelight” and “Mr. Magic” to a medley of early numbers like “Inner City Blues,” “Black Frost” and “Just the Two of Us” to more recent offerings like “Mystical Force,” the hip-hop flavored “Uptown” and a contemporary spin on the old school groover, “Soulful Strut,” Grover and his crew – Adam Holzman and Donald Robinson on keyboards and synthesizers, Gerald Veasley on electric bass, Richard Lee on guitar, Pablo Batista on percussion and Steven Wolf on drums – stretch out in dynamic fashion on this exhilarating live CD.

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Chris Mann interviews Jason Miles

CM Jason, I’ve seen the interviews on your website and I ‘d like to use one of your questions: When did you know that Music would be your life’s work?

JM In college. Living in New York, I got to hear great artists in the clubs there. They had great songs and great melodies.

CM What motivated your decision to produce a second tribute album to Grover Washington Jr,  2 Grover With Love?

JM I’ve been listening to the old Grover Washington Jr. records and realised how many great songs I’ve missed. Grover could really play jazz . He could play anything.”

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Jason Miles – 2 Grover With Love

2 Grover With LoveJason Miles is one of these musicians who wrote music history. He was part of many famous productions like Luther Vandross’ Power of Love, Michael Jackson’s HIStory and the classic Miles Davis album Tutu. Jason comments bass player Lee: “He is a superior musician who constantly makes everyone around him sound better.” The same is to say about Jason Miles.

Beside further projects like Coast to Coast – Maximum Grooves (2004), Soul Summit (2008), and recently Global Noize (with DJ Logic) he is best known for his tribute albums: Celebrating the Music of Weather Report (2000), A Love Affair: The Music of Ivan Lins (2000), To Grover with Love (2001), Miles to Miles in The Spirit of Miles Davis (2005), What’s Going On? (2006), his tribute to Marvin Gaye and this year 2 Grover With Love, his second homage to the late Grover Washington.

Jason explains the reason for his sophomore approach: “I started listening to Come Morning, the follow up to Winelight, and started to love those songs. I then listened to Strawberry Moon, and realized that I was on one of the songs on the CD, Summer Nights,’ written by Marcus Miller. I knew at that point that there was definitely another Grover project to do, but it had to be done a certain way.”

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