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James Lloyd – Here We Go!

No, it’s not the 21st album of Pieces Of A Dream. Here We Go! is keyboardist James Lloyd‘s first solo album released on 17th March 2015. And no, it’s not James’ departure from POAD. James comments꞉ “Recording my first solo album is something I wanted to complete while I’m still here.” Already in 2011 he declared꞉ “These days it’s like I’ve got so much music inside me. It’s too much to solely put on Pieces of a Dream albums. I’d probably pass away before I got them all on there, unless we put out an album every other month, or I could take these songs and spread them around to other artist.”

Four years later he can fulfill his dream and presents his first album as a solo artist. With Here We Go James Lloyd selects a lively start in the unchanged style we already know of him from his many years playing as keyboardist of POAD. Moving Right Along inspires with his groove and sophisticated rhythm background in the style of 80’s funk. Sax player Najee breathes into the whole even greater vigor.

When scat singing and smooth jazz come together, the result is a cheerful mood like on Play It Forward. Granted Wish chooses a hip hop beat, but leaves it with a soulful groove. James enchants with his silky touch of ivories. No Holds Barred means free from the usual limits or rules. In his duet with James saxophonist Gerald Albright takes it literally and lets it rip.

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James Lloyd – Here We Go

Here We GoHitmaker James Lloyd of Pieces of a Dream has written, produced and played on more than 30 top 10 smooth jazz radio hits. As a founding member of the legendary Pieces of a Dream, James has been the heart and soul of that smooth urban jazz super group for more than 20 years.

“Now feels like the right time for many reasons,” confesses pianist James Lloyd, a legend on the contemporary jazz scene, about the timing of his Shanachie Entertainment debut CD, Here We Go. Lloyd, who has shared the stage with everyone from James Brown to Count Basie, was recently on a plane that was struck by lightning and forced to make an emergency landing. The celebrated pianist shares, “I just turned 50 and realized that each day is a blessing. Tomorrow is not promised to any of us, finishing the rest of this sentence isn’t even promised. Recording my first solo album is something I wanted to complete while I’m still here.”

For fans of contemporary jazz, James Lloyd is no stranger. He is a pioneering member of the groundbreaking band Pieces of a Dream (that will be celebrating its 40th anniversary next year) who, like artists John Coltrane, Grover Washington, Jr., Gamble, Huff, Patti Labelle and Teddy Pendergrass all got their start in the “City of Brotherly Love.” The city’s rich musical tradition is the foundation for Lloyd’s expansive creative vision. “I didn’t realize it as much when I was a kid, but Philly had and has a certain vibe spiritually and musically,” confides Lloyd. “I’m a product of all that I have listened to and absorbed. There’s a lot of music floating around in my head, I’m just trying to get it out and hope that it touches some people.”

Shanachie Entertainment’s VP of Jazz A&R, Danny Weiss, comments, “James Lloyd has been the heart and soul of Pieces of a Dream since its inception. This, his first solo release, is a dream come true for James, and it’s an honor for us to help him realize that dream.” Continue reading