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Jackson Rice – The Firefly

Jackson Rice is since 40 years a professional trumpet player. He has recorded, mastered, produced or performed on over 2000 recordings. His modesty forbids more details.

Now he steps into the spotlight for the first time and presents his debut album The Firefly (2011). Musicians on this release are Jackson Rice on trumpet and VL-1 synthesizers, Chris Attwood on trombone, Mark Wilson on guitar, Marc Miller on bass and Kevin Blackwood on drums.

The very first piece 180 Degrees alone draws our attention. The arrangement shows depth, the melody isn’t played down only. There is a real interaction between the musicians. The rhythm has a gripping drive. Enthusiasm is spreading.

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Jackson Rice – The Firefly

Contemporary instrumentation with smooth trumpet solo melodies. This CD is good for listening while driving or any time you want a cool jazz mood.

We discovered The Firefly at CDBaby.